were the tuskegee airmen the most skilled pilots in the war?

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Flyboy I agree wholeheartedly but would like to add this

The Tuskegee airmen lost by, Air Force records 25 bombers.

The Tuskegee airmen flew close escort as did the rest of 15th Air Force trading high kill rates for low bomber loss rates. In Northern Europe the 8th Air Force after mid spring when enough fighters were available to assure moderate bomber coverage the fighters were allowed to follow the German fighter and destroy them. It was decided at that point that the destruction of the Luftwaffe fighter force was worth a slightly higher bomber loss rate.
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time to close this thread guys, it has gone long enough, personally the 332nd fg did not have the experience of the 8th AF boyz even the low scoring 356th fg. As I said and it is important to remember the LW was in greater numbers and flying experience to the 15th AF's north and only interdiction late war -1945 was the 15th AF fighters able to contend with what was left of the LW.

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