Ukraine International Airlines PS752

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Why?? I don't think passenger jets have RADAR warning receivers like fighter jets.
Secondly I really appreciate all the rest of your post. I did not know a lot of what you posted abut transponders so thank you

Is this a serious question? Why would a pilot try and return back to base after his aircraft was hit by a missile? If you actually read the info, he did not return back to the airport until after he was hit by the 1st missile. He was still able to fly the aircraft for several minutes after the missile hit. When you are within distance of an airport with an actual paved runway, and you can still control the aircraft you try and land the aircraft back at the airport, rather than in the dirt.

Think about it...

mikewint said:
The answer is of course NO. I've seen radar screens from the back of some helos but paid little to know attention, but you missed my point which is/was that I would THINK that a B-52 and 737-800 would possibly look quite similar BUT, I would think that either of those would "look?" different than an F-14 which is much smaller. So while I could understand an ID mistake between the B-52 and 737-800 the very presence of a B-52 at the Iranian airport would have stood out like a neon sign EVERYONE would have been aware of it.

You of all people should understand the "fog of war". Think about it...

mikewint said:
Lastly Chris in reference to your bold face paragraph I stated: #1. that I sincerely doubt that the missile crew had a passenger manifest handy to consult and even if they had it would have made no difference because -

I got this far, and seeing that it was only going to be jibberish that has nothing to do with the shooting down of the Ukrainian Airliner, and was just grasping at straws to explain the classless comment you made earlier, I will read no further. Nor does it warrant a response in context to the shootdown of the Ukrainian airliner.

As a matter of fact, I think this thread has completely run its course. And just as Crimea River predicted, the thread would go the way of the dodo bird. Crimea River since you obviously have a crystal ball, can you please tell me the next lottery numbers.
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