What's an original 48th Fighter (Pursuit) Squadron Patch Worth?

Jun 2, 2020
The 48th Fighter Squadron, 14th Fighter Group received this Squadron patch just before they arrived in Algeria on November 15th 1942 to support the Allied landings that began on the 12th November. There and from Tunisia they took part in North African and Italian campaigns before transferring to the Triolo, Italy where they remained until the end of the war.

I've checked eBay and Worthpoint.com but can't find a recent auction price. Some original WWII patches are rare and may be worth hundreds to low thousands depending on numbers available which in this case would be very small.

Hoping someone who has this patch or has seen one sell recently can comment.

UAF 48th FS Patch 1943-PATCH-JStegeColectn-01_lo.jpg

UAF 48th FS Patch 1943-ART-JStegeColectn-01_lo.jpg

Thanks for any info.

Darryl for JEC
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