what's so bad about eduard mig 21bis 1/48 scale nose?

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aurelien wolff

Airman 1st Class
Sep 20, 2018
Hello, I've seen people replaing it with resin part so what's so wrong about it and is it possible to correct it without getting the correction part?
Thanks for your answers!
The problem is the Eduard MiG-21Bis is basicly the MF set with a couple of new parts for the Bis variant. The fuselage base is the same for both model kits. Therefore there is the difference in nose diameter and its shape between the model and real thing. The nose of the MiG-21Bis was slightly wider just aft of the intake lip.

It is possible to correct that without the correction part. Just some of putty, sanding and patience. Of course the good drawings with bulkheads of the fuselage for the Bis variant would be really helpful.
ok, I don't mind sanding putty , I've been through a unicraft kit and currently on heller 1/100 scale concorde from before the prototype flew who need lots of putty (the unicraft being worst due to the part being verry fragile, at least the heller kit has its age to excuse its quality and the uselage adjustement isn't so bad, it's the top wing that have issues)
would it be visible at 1/72 scale if the nose is innacurate on this one too?
I don't think so. The difference in 1/48 scale is about 0,4 mm. In the 1/72 scale it would be 0,26mm (~0,3mm).
Does it have to be a kit from Eduard? There is acouple of other manufacturers who offer the Mig-21 variant
R.V. Aircraft 72044
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