Which Russian fighter?

Which Russian fighter do you prefer?

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the lancaster kicks ass said:
Il-2 in a dogfight? Maybe with a German Shepard!!!

actually, anlike it's german counterpart, the stuka, the IL-2 could hold it's own in the air..............................

It did have amazing versatility in the air, and could hold out, at least for long enough to disengage and get the hell out of there. Of course, the rear gunner on the later IL-2 models helped a lot 8)
It was good in the Spanish Civil War, but by the World War 2, the Stuka was being obliterated by all the Hurricanes, Laggs and Spitfires in the air, without escort it was a sitting duck. And it's payload wasn't worth the loss, if any did make it.
The Stuka did have a rear gunner but it's two 7.62 mm guns couldn't even begin to compete with the Il-2's 12.7 mm. Plus the rear gunner was better protected. Those factors made the Il-2 much more survivable.
Meant to give my two cents on the topic of this forum. I pick the La-7, good speed and power, impressive maneuverability, and it's 3 20mm cannons made it just about the only Russian fighter with decent firepower.

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