Why speeding is a bad idea. Warning Graphic pics

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Dec 20, 2005
Pisis said:
peaceful islam...
actually it's not the common Muslim people, i have been to the Southern part of the Philippines and they are just as friendly as the guys on the other side of the country

contrary to what the media displays, turbans arent really islam

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Feb 9, 2006
I saw very similar stuff like this on occasion, when I was a Correctional Officer. The first few times make you feel VERY ill but, sadly; you get used to it.

I saw an inmate get his head taken off--piece-by-piece--when another iinmate decided to put some Jack Mac (canned Mackerel) in a pillowcase and use it as bash the other guy's head into many pieces.

When this kind of thing happens--we are NOT allowed into the area (for employee safety) in case it is also a ruse just so an inmate can make a name for himself and kill an officer.

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