Winter Camouflage of some 1942-45 Luftwaffe planes

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Jun 6, 2007
Hello ,

I am looking for the winter camouflage (if it ever existed) of the following Luftwaffe airplanes :

1. He-111 Z Could it be possible that the winter camouflage was like this model ?

Is this model accurate for when is was snowing in the USSR ?

2. Also what about the Me-323 GIGANT glider for winter camouflage(if it ever existed) when the He-111 Z was towing it what was its winter camouflage ?

and ,

3. Also what was the winter camouflage for the Go-242 when the He-111 z was towing them in winter on the Eastern Front in the 1942-1945 Nazi vs USSR war ?

Any help appreciated .

Peter .

Sydney, Australia
A russian guy gave me this :

Are there any pictures of whether the GIGANT glider or Go-242 glider was white ? Or almost white( after they painted over the summer camouflage)?

Does anyone know or is this information lost with the ashes of the war ?Maybe a book would have it ?
Also, I noticed the above zwilling thumbnail doesn't expand. Here is a better one :

You're right, Adler. I just put it up to give an idea.

I still don't think many of those types kerberos is listing had a camo more than a wash. Erich or some of the other LW experts can correct me.
I have Gigant fotos on the Ost front in dark grey base with Meander white squiggles all over the fusleage and wings. sorry no scanner at the moment .......
Erich Co. ,

If you can't scan to the forum scan to my email inbox when you can . It is here : [email protected]$$$ [ take the $$$ to use the email ]

Thanks to you and the others too .If anyone thinks of anything else that would be most welcome too.

Sydney,Australia(until recently of Los Angeles,CA)


I'm just waiting to get my hands on two recently published english language books : Luftwaffe camouflage markings Vol.1 Vol.2 They are supposed to be the definitive works on the issue.

I'm sure there must be better ones in German out there though.

There were Ju-87's with the winter camo ( which I think you're going to show ).Is it similar to this ?Here is the Ju87 Stuka Dora-Grad Spray Can :

Ju87 Stuka Dora-Grad Spray Can.jpg
it wasn't that orderly the squiggles were all over in different patterns actually. you may have to look hard but think I posted some Ju 87D's in winter camo back a year or so on this very site.

Ju 87's as with many Luftw. a/c were painted with sprayers, brooms and brushes as well as mops

oh what the heck, a pic from my archiv's

That Ju-87 looks messy :)

Have you got that Schiffer book on the Me-323/321 ? Is the picture you have of the GIGANT on the Ost Front from that book ?

They were messy when applied with mops and brushes. some was ordered but still was sloppy.


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Thats parrtly what I meant. Either thru poor application or long exposure, the markings sometimes look messy. Like my hair in the morning. :lol:

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