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The only problem is that only two Camels were lost that day, D1902 of No. 70 Sqn. and B7250 of 209 Sqn. The latter is a possible claim by Ltn. Frohns/Flg. Heidmeir of FAA238. The former is a possible claim by Eisenmenger/Gund, but also a possible claim by AA fire. (data from 'The Sky Their Battlefield II' by Trevor Henshaw)

I thought that it was propaganda at the time but let it stand, the quote came from German sources- great research
Flieger Pilot Wilhelm Frickart


Pilot Leutnant Baldamus

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Leutnant Hartmuth Baldamus (10 August 1891 – 14 April 1917) flying ace credited with 18 aerial victories. He flew a two-seater reconnaissance aircraft for Feldflieger Abteilung 20, beginning 29 March 1915. Posted to fly fighters with Jagdstaffel 5 and moved on to Jagdstaffel 9 in early November 1916. His score reached 17 by 12 April 1917. He lost his life in a collision with a French Nieuport 14 April 1917. Appears in Flying for Kaiser Wilhelm


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