WW2 Gliders.

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Aug 9, 2004
What with the Airspeed Horsa being a Glider, I was wondering how many other Gliders were used in the war, and were any of them effective?
Glider's were designed an employed by Great Britain, the US, and Germany. The monster Me-323 started life as a glider. The gliders were rather dangerous to use but in general they proved to be effective.
Thanks. I didnt put the Sagaris on it, Pips done that for me, i only found the picture.
Ok. I just didnt want it to appear as though I was taking credit for something i didn't do.
Established. What plane was used as a tug for the Horsa's? From the pictures I've seen they look like Lancasters.
Seeing as lanc doesn't like it, the real name is the Halifax

i do like the halifax, and there's nothing wrong with using nicnames, i call the swordfish the stringbag but that doesn't mean i don't like it........................
I read somewhere that Horsa's were used in a mission somewhere in Scandinavia during the war, could anyone elaborate on that?

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