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cheddar cheese

Major General
Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
During World War 2 there were a lot of planes that were designed and maybe even test flown but never saw service. (Most of these were German.)

Please post here your thoughts on which planes could have caused an impact, and why they would have caused an impact.

Discuss. :D
while most of the late war german planes were allot better than any of ours, they would have come to late to make any differance...............
Stop spoiling it, Im aiming to create a topic that creates discussion.

I understand they didnt have many resources, but all im asking is what everyones opinion is on what planes would have been successful.

The Heinkel He-178 looked pretty promising if you ask me :D
cheddar cheese said:
But there were lots that could have caused problems. For instance, the Gotha Go-229/Horten Ho-229

*nodnodnodnodnodnodnod* My favourite! :)

But with those speeds, yeah, there could be some problems. And that was the first stealth plane, so it would have been hard to detect it. (From what I know. )

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