Yak 11 "CZECH MATE" ... Reno Racer?

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
Hi everyone,

on a French server called Fanakit, I was scrolling down thru the 1/72 acft galleries untill I found this:

YAK 11 "CZECH MATE", un autre Reno Racer

with two pics of the model. I don't speak French, but "un autre" probably means "which flew", or something like this.

Does anyone has any info on that particular plane? Any sources greately welcomed!!!


PS: Worth to visit this Fanakit page. Adress is: http://www.ksurf.net/~fanakit/index.htm
"Un autre" means "another".

I found these stats on it but nothing else...talk about modified! :lol:

A Russian Yak-11 2-seat trainer (600 hp)
Made in Czechoslovakia (ergo the name)
Acquired from the Egyptian Air Force
Modified to take an R-2800 engine from a Corsair, boosted to almost 3000 hp
Gearbox from a North American Savage
Prop Hub from a Bearcat
Cut-down prop blades from a Skyraider
Spinner from a Douglas A-26 Invader
Cowl from a French Breguet 763 airliner!
Metal-skinned fuselage and enlarged fin
Canopy from a Formula One Racer

Yeah just type in Yak-11 Czech Mate and it comes up with lots of sites 8) That was the first one I found with info about the plane though, most of them were to do with the Reno air races and gave little or no info about the actual plane.

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