Yak-23 Cockpit

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
Looking for some referrence materials to a Yak-23 cockpit. Thanks for any help. :thumbleft:
Hi !!!
As requested,here you are.Let me know if there is a problem to download it.I'll put them separately in the case.


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Hi Wojtek! I'm in my office now but when I get back home, I'l try to download it. Thanks!!! :D
I guwno wielke happens... :lol: I have some weird downloading problems with your files - it's always broken... Could you pls post it as separate pictures in the attachemnets? Dzienkuje!
I've tried to make a rar file but the uploading was unsuccessful.I don't know why.:evil:
I'll try to send it in another way.Let me know if you get it via e-mail.
Yeap,The Yak-23 looks like a wast stuff.No wonder it is a forgotten fighter and not popular as Sabre is,for instance.Therefore there is a problem to find any info on it.I've had the TBU publication so far and it was the only one.I hope it was useful for you really.I'll be waiting for your pics of the model.
You are right, the fuselage....remainds me this
Question is whether the Japanese sent one to Germany in an exchange of technical data, because otherwise how would Russia have got one? Russia didn't invade any part of Japanese Empire because they were too busy with Germany and then needed to regroup.
This aircraft is post war. Not to remind you that after WW2, Germany was split up into two (4, respectively) parts. Later these were known as Western and Eastern Germany... In Eastern Germany - DDR - they had Russian militery technic on a regular basis.
Hi !!!
In addition.The first tests of Yak-23 were finished on 21 August 1947.In the same year, pilot S.N.Anochin presented the new plane during the airshow on Tushino airfield near Moscow.Yak 23 was a development Yakovlev's figters powered by a jet engine.The early jet Yak serie consists of Yak-15,Yak-17,Yak-19,Yak-23 and Yak-25.There some pictures and profiles.
pics 1-3 Yak-15
pics 4-6 Yak17 ( two first Yak-17UTI )
pics 7 Yak19
pics 8-11 Yak23 ( the last one Yak-23 UTI )

source unknown:


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Nice pics. Where did the very last Yak belong to? Is that imatriculation of Yugoslavia?

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