Yellow Dots in DH98 Mosquito Cockpit?

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Chief Master Sergeant
Sep 19, 2012
Possibly because you can't see the back of the Mosquito seat and the back of the Lancaster seat is more visible to the rest of the crew, with the exception of the bomb aimer?

More likely because that is the side the Nav sits. Not guaranteed but most likely to me


Oct 12, 2011
ThomasP has already stated that the armour plate spec is for a THROUGH-Hardened steel so there would be no need to distinguish one side from the other as both sides would offer equal resistance to impact.

Which makes my theory make sense, because it is visible. Why would the dot only be on the side that was face hardened to identify it as such if it were not able to be seen? It would be futile placing the marking behind the pilot's seat or on the front facing side of the forward bulkhead because no one can see that it indicated hardened steel at any rate. That theory that the side that is hardened is painted doesn't really make sense, so what ThomasP stated is more logical. If you are going to paint recognition markings, they have to be seen.


Nov 16, 2008
That's what I was saying!!!! The dots have nothing to do with face hardening for the reasons we both stated. I was disproving the theory or at least thought I was.

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