You know your addicted to aviation when:

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Airman 1st Class
Oct 18, 2005
Bedfordshire, England
1. you will go and spend an entire day in the freezing cold waiting for an aeroplane to appear and when it doesnt you go back the next day and then the next day etc untill it turns up.
2. Your mobile phone ring tone is the sound of a Merlin engine, and you let it ring to hear the full noise.
3. You spend far to much time on here :D :D :D
4. you turn down a date because you whant to read the latest copy of (insert favorite aeroplane magasine) first. (you have your prioritys right here)
when you can tell by the sound whether its worth the energy to run out to see whats going by (no civilian helicopters, light civilian ,or airliners)
Wife I were sitting inside a little while ago and I heard this aircraft. Said to the wife kids, "righty-o, off to the local airfield1" " Why?" they asked.
"All will be revealed said I".

So, off we go arrive in time to watch a P-51 doing aerobatics over the field and then landing. "How did you know?" they asked "Sound of the engine" quoth I.

Look of disgust from the wife, awe from the kids! I am THE MAN! {boogey, boogey, my old fruit-bat!}


where me and CC go during breaks at school we sometimes hear helicopters going overhead but we can't actually see them most of the time, naturally this leads us all to try and guess the helicopter, naturally i'm always right.......
there's always a lot of stories of people working in hangars and being really shocked when lightenings buzz the airfields, it even made a guy fall off the wing of a vulcan once, because he was so shocked, i can't remember what injuries he hobbled away with, i remember something was broken though..............

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