You know you're an "Old Soldier" when....

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    * You know what GDP means and still remember where yours was and how long it took to occupy.
    * You remember when we had tactical nukes and really planned to use them.
    * You remember spending hours in MOPP4 and doing M256 kits.
    * You remember when the M8 Claymore and M72 LAW were part of CTT.
    * You remember when ARTEPs were 36 hours and you had fun.
    * You remember when Carl Vuono was CG (8th ID(M) and Max Thurman was head of recruiting command.
    * You know what a Gama Goat and GOER were and could fix an M151A2 to run off one prop shaft.
    * You remember when the Israelis were bad asses and we all wanted to be like them. (When did that change?)
    * You remember when Saddam Hussein was our loyal ally.
    * You remember when Airland Battle was a new concept, and everyone religiously read 100-5.
    * You know what the "Cap Weinberger Doctrine" was.
    * You remember when the M16 was a plastic carbine, and you hoped for an M14.
    * You can remember going to the Club at Graf, drinking, and watching Margaret.
    * You personally know Margaret.
    * You know what a "Smokey" at Hohenfels is.
    * You know the difference between the VRC46, VRC47, PRC77 and VRC160 and the requisite installation kits.
    * You know what a CEOI is and you can encrypt grids.
    * You remember when NTC was a new and cool concept.
    * You remember when it was real cool to go to SAMs or be an OC at NTC.
    * You remember when as a new LT/CPT you could go out and train your soldiers and not have an OC tell you how screwed up you were.
    * You remember battalion commanders and 1SG's who were Vietnam Vets.
    * You remember battalion commanders who drank, swore and mentored.
    * You remember battalion commanders who were ruthless about tactics,but didn't give a crap about admin BS.

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