1. J

    Need more informations of Paul P. Douglas Jr.

    USAAF, USAF pilot Paul Douglas Jr scored 8 air to air kills in ww2 and flew many combat missions in vietnam war. Now, I'm searching some informations about him but i need more stories. Anyone have some Douglas's combat reports in ww2?
  2. Dronescapes

    Günther Rall, the last German Ace.

    Günther Rall, Germany's Last WW2 Ace. Amazing Stories of WW2, in their own words. PART 1/4 - GERMANY'S LAST ACE. You could say that history repeats itself. This wonderful documentary, filmed by our partners at Air2AirTV ( is also masterfully narrated by Gary Sinise.
  3. Snautzer01

    eBay: Airwar ww2 The Pilots.

    WWII RAF Battle of Britain Spitfire fighter ace Pat Jamie Jameson DSO DFC*signed | eBay
  4. v2

    "They saw the whole sky"

    One hundred and forty-five Polish fighter pilots took part in the Battle of Britain between 10 July and 31 October 1940. Historians believe that the high number of German planes shot down by these Polish pilots helped bring about victory for the Allies in the battle. The Embassy of the Republic...
  5. Elmas


    Who can recognise the Luftwaffe Aces in the pic below?
  6. bobbysocks

    ace to ace confrontations

    a question was asked on another forum that got me to thinking. how many german aces faced allied aces in aerial combat that is able to be confirmed by records. i know Gunther Rall supposedly faced Hub Zemke....and there is a debate as to whether either was in the actual area but Rall and...
  7. syscom3

    Brig. Gen. Frederick Payne Jr. dies at 104; Marine fighter ace in WWII

    Another one of the tiny and rapidly dwindling ranks of aviators who were in the prewar navy and army has left us. A salute for your final sortie. Semper Fi and well done! One day after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, Fritz Payne's Marine unit headed to sea on the aircraft carrier...
  8. stug3

    R.I.P. Commander Alex Vraciu

    96 years old, one of the great Hellcat aces. What Might Have Been for a Famous Navy Ace - National Naval Aviation Museum Marianas Turkey Shoot, "Ace In A Day"
  9. NME Flight

    NME Flight

    Sopwith Camel of Norman MacGregor, 10 Squadron, RNAS, 1917. His 5th kill was the first DR.1 shot down in this war. This scene is from a battle against an Albatros, D.V, flown by Ltn. Ulrich Neckel (30 victories), Jasta 12, 1917 (skin by Ebola). Both skins are available for use in Dawn of Aces...