1. M

    Crew night-vision sight operator and maintenance manuals including ipc

    Crew night-vision sight operator and maintenance manuals including ipc. AN/VVS-2
  2. Snautzer01

    eBay: Airwar ww2 The Pilots.

    WWII RAF Battle of Britain Spitfire fighter ace Pat Jamie Jameson DSO DFC*signed | eBay
  3. Bum's Rush Crew and Nose Art

    Bum's Rush Crew and Nose Art

    Front Row: [L to R] • F/O Otis S. Lee - Pilot • F/O Carlton O. Alderson - Co-Pilot • 2nd Lt. Rudy Menchl - Navigator • [?] James Markowitz - Bombardier • 2nd Lt. Thomas H. Carver - Bombardier * [* Replacement - Not Pictured] Back Row: [L to R] • S/Sgt. Harry L. Cunningham - Waist Gunner •...
  4. Park

    Crew Multiple Aircraft

    Did pilots serve in different aircraft during the war?
  5. Donivanp

    **** FINISHED: 1/48 F-111A - The Jet Age.

    1/48 General Dynamics F-111A - The Jet Age. Username: Donivanp First name: Don Category: Intermediate Scale: 1/48 Manufacturer: Hobby Boss Model Type:HS Un officially until the day it was retired, Aardvark Aftermarket addons: none Been busy and not had much time to post but worked...
  6. oldcrowcv63

    B-29 crew rescue

    USN sub crew member films startling rescue of an entire B-29 crew fatally damaged over Japan in 1945. All 12 crew men bailed out and were picked up by the sub. Extraordinary that none were lost. Viral Player
  7. W

    Flak 36 AAA gun in action

    The Germans had rings of anti-aircraft surrounding their cities and more Allied aircraft were shot down by flak than by fighters. So, while this is not really an aircraft, I think it might be interesting to the folks on the board. l got started in the winter, left for awhile, then completed...
  8. Lucky13

    For the new crew....

    Breaking News
  9. Tracker

    Audio of Lancaster Crew on a Bombing Mission

    Audio clip of a Lancaster crew on a bombing mission when they encounter an enemy fighter.
  10. GrauGeist

    Virgin Galactic Spaceship 2 crashed

    Just saw this on the news... During Spaceship 2's final test flight over the Mojave desert, there was a catastrophic failure. According to the early reports, of the two crew members, there is one fatality and one seriously injured. Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Crashes: 1 Dead, 1...
  11. Snautzer01

    Consolidated B-24 Liberator crew gear.

  12. W

    A Memorandum on Bombing Policy and its Influence on Design

    In May 1937 George Volkert, then chief designer at Handley Page, wrote a memorandum about the design of future bomber aircraft and the influence that bombing policy would have on design. In the introduction, he states: He continues: From this we can see that the high speed unarmed bomber...