1. M

    NACA 1950s Airfoil Design Manuals with detailed formula and diagrams

    NACA 1950s Airfoil Design Manuals with detailed formula and diagrams, adding a open-source airfoil-computing software in the 5th zip attachment. Including: Normal airfoils, supersonic airfoil and other subsonic airfoil manuals.
  2. M

    Jet figher g-force suit military production standard and design manuals approved for public release

    G-force suits are used on jet fighters and spacefrafts, making the drivers suitable for high-g maneuvers including ejection for lives. Government-release manuals, approved for public release. Shared with no profit.
  3. Hugh_T

    Grumman F4F: Wing Question

    I am currently studying the F4F wing structure and noticed that the wing ribs are not perpendicular to the wing chord as you would normally expect. Certainly, this is not something that I have come across before. I had previously studied the F6F and although another of the Grumman 'cats' the...
  4. A

    Determining aircraft strength

    In many debates the issue of aircraft strength appears. In WW2 there were some aircraft that had a reputation for strength P-40, P-47, Yaks while others were seen as nimble (Ki-43, A6M). I would like to know a few opinions on what is the best criterion to determine aircraft strength, focusing on...
  5. O

    Whats the deal with Soviet Wing design?

    Just looking at some soviet aircraft of wwii the most distinctive feature is the diamond wings, which basically all of their fighters seemed to feature. Any idea why the soviets were so obsessed with this tapered design? and any idea what the big benefits and disadvantages of it were? I...
  6. S

    BMW 803

    Hello, I must admit I'm not very knowledgeable on engines, thus I have a few questions on the BMW 803 cotra-rotating prop engine. Here is some criticisms wiki has to offer: Is this low power-to-weight ratio really that horrendous? How could it be improved? Would it have been better to throw...
  7. C

    The success of ordering the Fairey Firefly off the drawing board

    A variety of sources such as Fairey Firefly | Tangmere Museum quoted below repeat much the same story of how the Fairey Firefly design started in 1939 and was pushed by the Admiralty as rapidly as possible. Note that the specification N5/40 was essentially written around Fairey's proposal...
  8. GregP

    Wing Design

    Some folks in here have asked several times about wing design. Attached is a chapter on wing design so you can read it and get your feet wet. It isn't exactly the last word on the subject, but is a pretty good starting place for budding wing designers. No paricular reason, just interesting, at...
  9. gjs238

    V-1710 supercharger development potential

    The V-1710 supposedly was designed with a General Motors philosophy to build-in production and installation versatility with a "modular" design to facilitate mass production and provide multiple installation options. However, did the fundamental design limit development of the integral...
  10. tomo pauk

    Westland Whirlwind revisited

    An invitation to the discussion about the realistic limits of the design and plausible changes upgrades for it.
  11. T Bolt

    **** DONE: 1/72 Focke Wulf Ta 183 - OOB (Out of Box) unofficial GB-2015.

    User Name: T Bolt Name: Glenn Category: Advanced Kit: PM Model Focke Wulf Ta 183 “Huckebein” Scale: 1/72nd. Accessories: Aftermarket decals I nice simple little kit of an interesting subject. The Ta 183 never got past the planning stage but the design influenced post was aircraft design.
  12. syscom3

    Modern Shipboard Defenses

    I admit, I'm not to knowledgeable about this. Hopefully some of the members here can give us some information about how a large sized ship defends itself against the new generation Mach 3+ cruise missiles. One thing I cant understand, is when you have an active seeker on a missile flying that...
  13. B

    If the Rare Bear became a ww2 fighter.

    The Rare Bear is a racing airplane made from an F8F Bearcat, modified with a Wright R-3350 Deuplex-Cyclone. Both of which, the aircrame and engine are made during the later days of the war and are used post war. but I have to ask, what if the Rare Bear was a standard aircraft design to be used...