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    The Bell XP-59-1A The first US Jet Powered Aircraft, 1942.

    The Bell XP-59-1A The first US Jet Powered Aircraft, 1942.
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    Genius Of The Jet. The Invention Of The turbojet: Frank Whittle. Historical Lost Interviews

    Genius Of The Jet. The Invention Of The turbojet: Frank Whittle. Historical Lost Interviews (PART 1)
  3. helicopter_parachute

    109-011 C jet engine specs

    This is my first post on this site so sorry if my question is too easily answered I am not well versed in the ways of the plane oh wise ones, I would like some extra info on this engine as for my science research assignment I am designing a theoretical improvement to the me262, this upgrade to...
  4. M

    Low resolution Retired Vulcan Bomber Flight Manual(AFM), Maintenance Manual(AMM), SRM and IPC

    Vulcan Bomber was the 1st generation bomber of Britain, which was the only jet heavy bomber which have been kept for air show after its retirement for 30 years. However, after the bankrupt of the vulcan-keeping company for air show and the age of vulcan, it is not capable for flight after 2015...
  5. M

    1970s Soviet IL76T Classic Civil Version with Low Bypass D30 AFM AMM SRM IPC production ended 1997, for historical ref only

    IL-76T is a 1970s Soviet transport aircraft, with a MTOW of 190tons. IL-76T is a civilized version of IL-76, and it had removed all of the military equipment, and used for civil transportation. The Classic IL-76 equipped with low-bypass D30 engine in this thread, have been out of production...
  6. M

    1960s Early Soviet Turbofan tech Engine NK-8 and D30 maintenance manuals and illustrated parts catalogue ( IPC ), for historical ref only

    NK-8 and D-30 jet engines are early LOW-BYPASS Soviet turbofan engines for passenger jets, which were developed and used in 1960. They're all low-bypass early turbofan engines developed by USSR in 1960s, with similar tech and performance with American JT3D and JT8D engines. NK-8 and D-30 engines...
  7. M

    1965 Early version of Hawker Siddenly / De HAVILLAND H.S.121/ D.H.121 1E Trident Flight Manual

    1965 Early version of Hawker Siddenly / De HAVILLAND H.S.121/ D.H.121 1E Trident Flight Manual. Variant Trident 1/1C Trident 1E Trident 2E Trident 3B Cockpit crew Three (Captain, First Officer, and Flight Engineer) Typical seats 101 seats 108 seats 115 seats 180 seats Length 114 ft...
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    1972 Vietnam-era Naval TF34 40kN Turbofan engine Maintenance Manual and Illustrated Parts Catalogue

    TF34 was a series of 40kN turbofan engine in 1970s, which were used on Fairchild A-10, Lockheed S-3... The engine were later converted into GE CF34, which are widely used worldwide, They were used on Bombardier CRJ-200, CRJ-700, CRJ-900, CRJ-1000, and E175, E190 aircraft. Chinese have also used...
  9. M

    North American F-100 AFM+AMM+SRM+IPC, plus F-86 AFM+AMM+SRM+IPC

    F-100 was the first US servicable Supersonic plane. F-100 AFM pdf: alternate link: alternate link with access code 1234...
  10. M

    Retired DC-10 POH, SRM, NDT, Maintenance Fam manual, IPC, MD11 EAMM schemics, Retired Airbus A310 AMM, Retired Lockheed L1011 AMM, twin DC10 concept

    DC-10-10 was a 1970s heavy jet, originally a medium-ranged jet, whose payload and range was approximately the same with Illyushin IL-76, but could carry 2-times more passengers than IL-76, and its machanical gauges are becoming out of date. DC-10 Airplane Characteristics[112] Variant -10 -30...
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    F-86's J47 WATER-INJECTION TURBOJET OPERATION DATA AND maintenance manual. General characteristics Type: turbojet (/wiki-Turbojet) Length: 145 inches (370 cm) (with tailcone) Diameter: 36.75 inches (93.3 cm) maximum Dry weight: 2,554 pounds (1,158 kg) dry, equipped Components Compressor...
  12. M

    Modern Jet Fight public-availble Tactical Manuals

    Public-released modern Jet Fighter's 6 Fight tactic manuals in the attachments. Extra-Added manuals: Basic plane public tactic manuals are in this folder: alternate link with access code 1234...
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    Lockheed F-104 AFM, AMM of different systems with government-released weapon operation and maintenance manuals, SRM, and IPC manuals thread

    Lockheed F-104 AFM, AMM of different systemms, SRM, and IPC manuals, thanks to @superkeith1872 Lockheed F-104 was a fantastic M2.0 fighter, whose skill was climbing and turning to attack rapidly for the first time, not flying in a circle. General Characteristics: Crew: 1 Length: 54 ft 8 in...
  14. M

    Convair F-106 Delta Dart AFM, AMM, IPC, SRM with government-released weapon Manuals, released on public websites.

    Equipped with advanced computer system connected with SAGE and embedded missile bay and had a capability of supercruising without afterburner, Convair F-106 Delta Dart was the best fighter in 1960s. Its Y-shaped air inlet as well as its embedded missile bay, making it a great potential to be...
  15. M

    GE CF-700 18kN turbofan engine maintenance manual and illustrated parts catalogue

    GE CF-700 18kN turbofan engine maintenance manual and illustrated parts catalogue on public websites, whose thrust was capable for Learjet 35 jet. General Characteristics: Length: 75.5 in (1,918 mm) Diameter: 33 in (838 mm) Dry weight: 735 lb (333.4 kg) with optional thrust reverser Compressor...
  16. M

    1961 GE J79 Afterburner Turbojet engine maintenance manuals + illustrated Parts Catalogue(IPC) and Rolls-Royce Spey MK202 Turbofan Afterburner jet

    Rolls-Royce Spey were used on TRIDENT Jets, and Spey MK202 Turbofan jet is a jet used on F-4K English edition, which lengthened the range of F-4K, and enhanced F-4K's low speed and altitude performance. General specs: Type: Low bypass turbofan Length: 204.9 in (5204.4 mm) Diameter: 43.0 in...
  17. M

    P&W JT8D/Volvo RM8 Engine 1960s Early version Maintenance Manuals with ipc, and early AL-31 engine 1980s manual and partial drawing

    JT8D was researched by the P&W company and was fashioned in 1960s, being used by many early jets at that time, including Douglas DC-9, French Dassault Mercure, and later Sweden Saab-37 fighter, Boeing 737-200 etc, most of which were in fashion in 1960s, but begun to retire in 1990s, most of...
  18. M

    Retired Douglas DC-9-30 Passenger Jet POH(FCOM), AMM, WDM, IPC, original SRM+NDT, and Retired MD-90 SRM and NDT

    Douglas DC-9-30 were fairly old jets widely used in the world for passenger carrying FROM 1965, but due to DC-9's old design of engines caused economical problems, DC-9 stopped production in 1980s, and finally its passenger viarant were out of commercial service in 2014. DC-9-30 series used JT8D...
  19. C

    Otto Lutz's Swing Piston Engine

    I was looking at unconventional IC engines when I came across Otto Lutz's swing piston engine. Contemporary German turbines were having trouble coping with high temperature produced by the combustion chamber. To solve this problem Lutz's engine was supposed to be put in as a gas generator. It...
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    Modern times Ebay non type specific airplanes