1. Dronescapes

    Avro Lancaster memories. The remarkable British WWII Bomber remembered By Veterans

    Avro Lancaster memories. The remarkable British WWII Bomber remembered By Veterans.
  2. fritzthefox

    Fantastic Flying Tales

    Fantastic Flying Tales is a 70-page softcover book containing eleven illustrated stories of aviation adventure. Eight of them are true. Two are historical fiction based on true events. One is arguably nonsense, but pretty funny. They are ALL lavishly illustrated, unusual and entertaining. This...
  3. mattharriseasyflyers

    Lancaster PB538

    Hi! Im looking for some information on Avro Lancaster PB538. I am an avid R/C model designer, builder and pilot who has built many planes. Hawker Hunter, Seafire (with working contra rotationg props), 7ft Avro Vulcan and of course... 7ft Avro Lancaster. This is acually my third one ive built...
  4. Gary_Lewis

    Avro Lancaster PA474 1975

    As a keen aviation photographer for over 45 years starting in the 1970's I mainly used either Kodak or Agfa 35 mm colour slide film. A recent decision to digitally convert/transfer the best of many thousands taken has meant going through box after box of slides and its proved to be a real trip...
  5. I

    Plane photo porn. New Photo Archive book series He111 Stirling Lancaster Gladiator and more

    A new series of books. All original, often unpublished photos, in a big landscape A4 format, on glossy paper. With specially commissioned colour digital profiles for modellers, artists and enthusiasts. No 'restored' aircraft here. A full Youtube review from Nige's Modelling Bench here: The...
  6. richmiller

    Navigation equipment usage

    Hi all, First post - I have a question that google can't answer (might be i'm looking in the wrong places, but so far it's not helped). I've joined a couple of chaps working on a faithful mod of a Lancaster for DCS, a popular combat flight sim. I'm currently figuring out the navigators...
  7. F

    New Member.

    Hello all, I've just joined although I am no longer a plastic modeller. I did start a long time ago when Airfix first brought out the Spitfire in a poly bag with a folded card at the top, I bought my first one from Woolworths for 2 shillings ( 10p in new money). My reason for joining is that I...
  8. Lancaster FN.64 ventral turret

    Lancaster FN.64 ventral turret

  9. Richard Schoutissen

    D.C. Shunt Motor

    Hi, Does anyone have an idea for which a D.C. Shunt Motor was used in a Avro Lancaster Mk.III ? Made: G.E.C. Type: D.C. Shunt Motor Volts: 24 R.P.M.: 3500 Watts: 9/18 No: 5507F438 Many thanks for considering my request ! Richard
  10. NickG

    Help identifying lamp? Avro Lancaster?

    Hello everyone - I’m hoping someone can help me identify this adjustable lamp, please? I’ve been told it was used in the tail turret of an Avro Lancaster, but have been unable to verify elsewhere. I have found archive photographs of navigators at work, but their adjustable lamps - though...
  11. P

    Shackleton vs. Lancaster / Lincoln

    I have read a number of histories of the Avro Shackleton that state that the Shackleton had a wider fuselage than the Lancaster / Lincoln to give more room for the increased electronics fit plus extra room for the crew on the longer patrol missions. Question. Does anyone have any data on...
  12. S

    Lancaster parts?

    Hi, I am a WWII researcher in my town Mol-Belgium. I am working on a story about a Lancaster crash in Mol. A few months after the crash someone found a turret with gunner in a field. Someone else told me that he took some parts from the turret. Can someone help me to identify the parts...
  13. Lucky13

    Humphrey of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Gloucester, 1st Earl of Pembroke.....

    Was he murdered or...?
  14. A

    Lancaster tyres

    Hi all. I was wondering who made the Avro Lancaster smooth tread tyres, and if any manufacturer logo appeared on the sidewalls? I've Googled several walk around a and period photos buy none are clear enough to show any detail on the tyres. Stupidly, I was at Hendon last year and saw PO*S but...
  15. HaraldJoergens

    Avro Lancaster NX611 "Just Jane" Virtual Tour

    There are only three Lancasters in the world that are not stationary in a museum: The BBMF Mk.III PA474, the Canadian Mk.X FM213, and NX611 "Just Jane", the Lancaster shown here. This virtual tour has been created for the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in East Kirkby. There are...
  16. T

    Triumph's Ian Collis model Lancaster Bomber Lovely Lou

    Tamiya 1/48th Avro Lancaster Bomber Lovely Lou made by Ian Collis ''Lovely Lou'' - XH-L. ME545. Service: 218 Squadron. Fate: Scrapped on 25th April 1950. Kit has the full interior PE detail set, resin guns and correct ''Lovely Lou'' decals. and theres a lot of pictures :)...
  17. gumbyk

    BBMF Lancaster fire?

    Anyone know anything about this? Came across it on FB. Hopefully its nothing too serious.
  18. W

    Lancaster PB226

    Hi all, I hope someone on here can help me find my fathers war record. I believe he was a flight engineer and I'm sure (almost) that his plane was Lancaster PB226, I think he may have been in 460 squadron, an Aussi squad I believe. His name was Douglas Adair. Many thanks in advance for any...
  19. J

    Lancaster relic identification

    Hello! A friend gave me this piece of an lancaster, the info on the piece is that it came from a lancaster that crashed in august -44 after a bomb raid on stetin, probably the id of aircraft is Oor Wullie, LL757. The date and place of find makes it at least 99% ocf being this aircraft...
  20. D

    Wheels down ready to land! BBMFs PA474 CWHMs KB726 Lancaster bombers