1. S

    What if the Bf110 only have one pilot?

    My question is actually pretty simple. What would have been the implications if the bf 110 only had 1 pilot and became a heavy fighter just like the P-38. Would the performance be greater with it having significantly reduced weight? Or would the weight saved be not enough to make a difference...
  2. Baball

    RAAF Mosquito reports

    Reports from the National Archives of Australia for various Mosquito marks detailing their performances and flight limitations. First document deals with the flight limitations of Mosquito F Mk.II, T Mk.III, FB Mk.VI, PR Mk.XVI, FB Mk.40 and PR Mk.40. Second document deals with the performances...
  3. P

    Better but not much!

    I share with you the history of the medium bomber built by the Douglas should replace a company's success, the B-18 Bolo, but eventually supplanted by its competitors. Does anyone know if the plane came into action during WW2? If so, how was your performance? In the link below you will find a...
  4. P

    A fast and unusual German

    The link below provides a full report and pictures of one of the fastest aircraft of its class, but never went into production. We are talking about the Heinkel He 119. If it had been produced and participated in WW2 its performance would have changed in some way the course of the war? What do...
  5. W

    Does anyone have information about the Hs 127?

    There is very little info about this competitor for the Schnellbomber competition, but it seems pretty close to the Mosquito in terms of performance: I was curious if anyone had any info about it beyond what's in wikipedia.
  6. W

    Estimates of a Ju88G or R with Jumo 222?

    Continuing my series of threads on LW performance with this engine due to my interest being resparked by discussions elsewhere, what sort of performance would a Ju88G or R with the Jumo 222 have been? I'm assuming its a 2000hp A/B series (1220kg with everything) that works and is put into...
  7. G

    Zoom climb

    Considering that zoom climb was a performance characteristic that one would think would have been a very important aspect in the air to air combat environment of WWII, one would also think that this performance aspect would have been measured, charted, and recorded to death. Is there any such...
  8. O

    Maximum Performance of Spitfire MKii (12.5lbs boost), and questions military vs "WEP"

    Something i have been wondering is how does one gauge a planes full potential performance if it was only ever tested at say "Military" power, but had access, say 5 minutes, to increased boost. In the case of the Spitfire MKii there is lots of good data for 9lbs boost, but the aircraft was...
  9. W

    Allison P-40 vs Merlin P-40 (or 1 speed vs 2 speed)

    In terms of outright speed, perhaps not. But where the performance was achieved was different. Here are tests of the P-40E and the P-40F
  10. C

    Non-production P-47 Variants, esp XP-47F and XP-47H Performance figures?

    I was looking for performance test information on the experimental models of the P-47, specifically the XP-47F with laminar-flow wings, and the XP-47H with the Chrysler IV-2220 engine. I found nothing on either plane in America's Hundred Thousand. I found no performance information online at...
  11. kool kitty89

    Fighter-Bombers in the late 1930s and the Fw 187

    Continued from the line of discussion that developed following my post here: According to Curtiss XP-40 "The XP-40 flew for the first time on October 14, 1938, with test pilot Edward Elliot at the...
  12. G

    Which performance aspects of a fighter were most crucial?

    Speed? Climb? Turning radius? Roll rate? Diving ability? Please rank in order and explain why, and add any other performance category you feel was also important...
  13. S

    P-63 climb rate

    How was it possible for the P-63 to have such a good climb performance despite the weak engines?
  14. horseUSA

    New Server Software :: Post any problems

    Running a new server software combination, and would like your feedback: Please post any issues or performance changes in site. Thanks David