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Mar 10, 2003
Florida, USA
Running a new server software combination, and would like your feedback:
Please post any issues or performance changes in site.

I noticed that threads with pics never seem to load properly - the hourglass just spins and spins until I click stop. Then its ok.

Last 10 minutes It wouldn't let me in some threads with a very strange "Error 501" or somethin. I will try to screen capture next time.

EDIT: And I noticed nobody's siggy is loading.
siggies not loading from some members, same with GB icons, Andy's have shown above this podt but Chris's and mine have not, just got the little red x

also just tried to log out got error 502 bad gateway nginx !
closed page then re opened on forum and i am still logged in.

just opened Andy's 1/48 Bf109G-6 "Yellow 1" Manfred Dieterle thread at the last page, opened ok but after that couldn't open any other pages kept getting 404 not found.

closed forum and re opened seems fine now no more 404's anyway !
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When posting a reply in a thread, I've had quite a number of occasions when the 'Do you wan to leave this page?' box has appeared. When clicking on that, nothing has happened, apart from the 'whizzy wheel' spinning for ages.
Click the 'back' button to leave the thread, and the box appears again, with the same result, until clicking 'back' button again, when the thread can then be exited.
The reply has been posted though.
Still having problems loading photos. Normally I use the "Select Files" button(yellow). Now I have to use the "Basic Uploader" button(red) and occasionally the photos won't upload.


No problem on my side here running Chrome.

Terry, I had the same issue quite often over the summer but it seems to have gone away in the last few weeks.
im not sure if its the site or my internet (but I don't have this issue on other sites), but there have been quite a few occasions over the last couple of days when I cant get access. the big circle just comes up and spins and spins and spins. this can sometimes also happen when im trying to access a given thread, particularly if there are lots of photos.

Last couple of days seems to be getting a bit better....
Still having problems loading photos. Normally I use the "Select Files" button(yellow). Now I have to use the "Basic Uploader" button(red) and occasionally the photos won't upload.

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What is the problem with the "Select Files" button ? Does it look like this one accidentally ?

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The "Select Files" button just doesn't work. You click and nothing happens. And when you go to "Basic Uploader" you can only select one pic at a time. Very time consuming.

I feel like its 1998 on the forum.........................
It might have been cuased by the net browsers. I would suggest checking if the Adobe Flash and Java aren't blocked either by your net browser ot the Adblock.
It's not that it never works Wojtek, it's kind of hit and miss for me. When I uploaded pics a few weeks ago, I had to use the Basic uploader. I always leave the thread and then return to make sure everything is okay: no double post, typos, etc., I found that the pics had disappeared and in their place was an attachment link. I clicked on it and it said, "Invalid Attachment....". I had to delete the pics and re-upload them, though this time I could use the select button. My Adblock says "Disable on".

As you might have noticed the title of the window you trying to use for posting and uploading your pictures is named Quick Reply. So I think this is the reason the option for uploading more than one images is unavailable. Quick is quick but uplading more than one shot may last quite long. :lol:
Personally I don't use the way unless I want to post a text only. The better way is to click the Go Advanced button and the Manage Attachement one for uploading more pictures at a time. If you want to post an image without the grey backround ( what can be seen when posted with the Done button only ) you should finish the entire process with clicking the Insert Line button and then Done. In the way a shot/shots is/are attached in the same way you get when using the Quick Replay window. I mean there is attached the line with the attachment number and attachment tags as a text string that you can move, copy, paste or save as the ordinary text anywhere in your post or the Notepad for example... additionally the Manage Attachment selector allows you to see if your attachment is uploaded into the forum server or not because it displays thumbnails of these images.

Geo.. if your Adblock says "Disable on" so no wonder you can't use that option. Check the Adblock list of blocked things here and make disable the blocking on the site..
The first image is the way I have always run Adblock with no problems. I checkmarked the website and tried to upload an image using the Select Button but it still wouldn't let me. Another odd thing is that when I select a photo from a file, I can't see the photo, just the name I attached to the photo. Not sure if this is part of the Basic Uploader or not. When I used the Select Button, I could see the photos and upload as many as I needed before posting them to the thread.



Not sure if anyone else can see this the way I do, but I have never had pictures overlap before.
Two things have been happening for me:

I've been getting some random coding just above the banner when I use Advanced Search. It almost looks like broken scripting as it's fragmented and not an intentional message So far, it's only happened 3 or 4 times at random and I didn't think to catch e screenshot until now. If it happens again, I'll grab a screenshot and post it here.

And the other thing: blank pages. I mean, like "click on the thread link and go to the page, but it's blank" kind of blank. I refresh the page and voila! it's loaded as it should be. This has happened both on Firefox and OSX and also occurs at random.

And a special mention: I have noticed that older posts are not always displaying images uploaded to the server. I am not talking about photos attached from photobucket or imageshack, etc. but ones uploaded to the server. This too, is random and just to be sure it wasn't a loading issue, I refresh the page and still nothing.

And by the way, there is a very simple way to upload multiple images into a single "upload" window...I do it all the time in "Quick Reply" mode.
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I think Horse has to check on that though. I don't have such problems as you mentioned. However I have gotten a blank page a couple of times recently too.
if the broken script fragment appears above the banner in Advanced Search again, I'll grab a screen shot. Kinda kicking myself for not grabbing a shot earlier and as always, it won't do it now when I want it to...
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