1. N

    Propeller found in the Baltic Sea

    This propeller was found on the east coast of Bornholm, Denmark in the Baltic Sea after WWII. I am looking for information of what type of plane it comes from, and if so maybe more? It might come from af british og US plane, og even af German og russian plane - we don't know. Maybe one of you...
  2. K

    WW2 Propeller Blade ID

    Hello everyone, I would appreciate any insight on this blade and another that is identical, I was told it was B17 or B24 but shortly thereafter realized it was not. I bought these two identical blades and one P38 Curtiss blade in Walla Walla, WA. The original owner is deceased but supposedly...
  3. A

    Seeking R-1820 -86A propeller(s)

    Hello All, In a previous thread I had questions about the R-1820 engines that our foundation was donated. Now, with engines in hand and one of our goals being to get at least one engine running, we are seeking a propeller. It is a 23E50, I believe. (We are also seeking 1-2 starter motors...
  4. A

    Help with propeller identification

    Hi Everyone - I'm new here so be gentle :) I recently came into possession of two wooden propellers with metal on the leading edges. They are 36" in length and 7" at the widest point. They have Hamilton stickers on them but there are no other markings that I can see. The only mark is a patent...
  5. Demetrious

    Allison V-1710 RPM - crankshaft RPM versus propshaft RPM

    Recently I've had reason to look into the gritty mechanical details of high-displacement aero engines in general and the Allison V-1710 in particular. All sources broadly agree that the V-1710 (excluding a few late-war models) generated its maximum power around 3,000 RPM, that it utilized a...
  6. Catch22

    Hamilton Standard Propeller Info

    Hey guys, We just purchased a propeller blade from the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, and it arrived today. I'm wondering if someone here can help me out with some info on the blade. The markings on the blade are as follows: DWG. No. 7035A-9 Serial Number: N730916 LOW...
  7. X

    Propeller Air-Screw Research...

    I have a few topics that I hope will provoke some interesting discussion as well as yield answers to questions I have. Experimental PROPELLER AIRSCREWS for piston engine aircraft. Topic #1: During the 1920's on through to the 1940's and even a few beyond that there have been some...
  8. P

    Heinkel bomber parts

    I ahve been shown a number of parts claimed to be from a Heinkel. These are a propeller and a gauge. I also include the serial numbers that are visiible on the propeller Can anyone confirm their identity?
  9. S

    Wellington Propeller? - Help to Identify

    Hi, my late father was into his historic aircraft in a big way. In a corner of his garage I found this propeller blade. It has a label on it stating its a wellington bomber propeller blade, this wouldn't surprise me given his interest. I have searched the internet to try and ID the markings with...
  10. J

    Can anyone tell me more about these two propellers?

    Hello everyone! I am member of this forum since before and got some excellent help with id of a propeller i own, i lost my computer when moving around but now i finally found the forum again, anyhow now i have found a new propeller for my collection, at a fleamarket me and my friend bought...
  11. GregP

    A Few Interesting Pics

    Thought I'd post a few intersting pics from times semi-recently past: 1) Here is the first startup of a newly-restored P-39 in 2004: 2) Here is first taxi: 3) Here is the first time we pulled the Bell YP-59A out for public view. Note the guys are wearing Bolo hats and we fitted the...
  12. B

    Can Anyone Help With A Mystery Propeller?

    Hi all, apologies for crashing into the forum with a question. I've had this Rotol type propeller in my possession for some 15 odd years. My wife bought it for me as a Birthday present from the small ads in Flypast. The seller didn't know what it was from but sold it as 1940's vintage...
  13. L

    Blade Propeller ???

    Need some more opinions about my blade propeller where they come from ????? The marks are RA8812 17 17 DRG
  14. V

    Need propeller blade ID help

    Hey Guys! I'm new to posting on here, but have been on the site a few times before to look around. Today I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on some propellers that I have an opportunity to purchase. Sadly, I don't have any better photos. And I've not yet see the blades in person...
  15. A

    Looking for help buying b25 or b26 propellers

    Any suggestions on where to go to buy propellers. Need not be in working order for display only. Many thanks Adam
  16. H


    Hello world of ww2 aircraft! recently i have come into contact with these two beautiful chromed stand alone propellers (pictured below) i have been told they have come of a Lancaster Bomber, however they seem to be the wrong size and shape... in order for me to sell them i...
  17. P

    Fairey propeller

    Hi all, This is my first post, so let me begin by saying hello! I've recently acquired a WW2-era propeller as part of my collection and, not being an aircraft guy, would like some help identifying the plane it came from. It was sold to me as an Avro Anso prop, but I can see straight...
  18. J

    Propellers need help identifying. B17?

    I bought four airplane propellers and would like to identify what type of airplane they came from. The blades are in good shape but the ring at the base is corroded, can't find any numbers on the the props they look to me like a B17 propeller. I believe the were used for a different application...
  19. Z

    Identification of old aircraft propeller

    Hello, Please could anyone know what the aircraft is the propeller? And what could be the price? Thank you Peter
  20. Q

    Can you Identify my Propeller?

    if someone could tell me a little information on this propeller such as how old it is and what plane used it that would be very much appreciated.