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    F-86's J47 WATER-INJECTION TURBOJET OPERATION DATA AND maintenance manual. General characteristics Type: turbojet (/wiki-Turbojet) Length: 145 inches (370 cm) (with tailcone) Diameter: 36.75 inches (93.3 cm) maximum Dry weight: 2,554 pounds (1,158 kg) dry, equipped Components Compressor...
  2. Lucky13

    Armee de l'Air F-100D and F-100F Super Sabre?

    Particularly these two, F-100D 54-2213 and F-100F 56-4013.... What does it say? 5 août 1959, Courcelles sur Voire (10), F-100F Super Sabre 56-4013 Le 5 août 1959, accident à Courcelles sur Voire dans l'Aube du F-100F Super Sabre 56-4013 de l'EC 02.003 "Champagne" . Le CNE Roussel et le...
  3. G

    Mock Combat - CF-100 vs. NATO

    From Colonel E. G. 'Irish' Ireland, RCAF: Now the Clunk was never proclaimed to be a day fighter aircraft and its presence in NATO was only to fill the rather glaring gap in all-weather and night air defence capability. Working hours being, as they usually were, an 0800 to 1700 hours affair for...
  4. J

    CAC CA.26 and CA.27 (all versions) Avon Sabre

    Well known of the Koreanwar is the North American Sabre. This type was build under licence in Canada as the Canadair CL-13 Sabre.But more interresting is the Australian build versions.There first prototype was the CAC Ca-26 and the production versions the CAC Ca-27 Mk.30, Mk.31 and Mk.32, based...
  5. Lucky13

    RAF No. 4 Squadron F-86 Sabre in 1/48?

    Which 1/48 F-86 Sabre, is best suited to do a No. 4 Squadron bird?
  6. fam43

    Sabre F86-E Korea Academy 1:48

    Well the smaller Scales aren't what my fingers and eyes really need. But nevertheless I'll give it a try. The Sabre is my alltime favorite when it comes to jets especially the colorful korean fighters. Who deosen't know "The Huff, El Diablo, Little Rita, Mikes Bird, Wham Bam" and so on? When...
  7. Elmas

    Firing sequence of 24 cylinders H engines, like Napier Sabre

    Does anyone know it? Thanks Found:
  8. fubar57

    1/48 RCAF CL-13 - OOB (Out of Box) unofficial GB-2015.

    User Name: fubar57 Name: George Category: Advanced Kit: Revell Canadair CL-13 Sabre Mk.VI Still in debations as to which aircraft I'll be representing. Geo
  9. thedab

    Sabre IIB or not IIB on 150 fuel

    I allways thought for the Sabre II engine to run at 11lb boost,it needed 150 fuel but then I came across this http:// has the Sabre IIB runing at 11lb boost ,but just on 100/130 grade fuel,what going on here? is this right? or is this some post war thing,as so...
  10. Lucky13

    Hawker Typhoon?

    Having invested in the Airfix 1/24 Hawker Typhoon and not knowing if it's mention in my Typhoon/Tempest books or in that How to Build Airfix 1/24 Hawker Typhoon book, one thing that it seems to be divided opinions on, is the colour on the Napier Sabre or green and then, if green...
  11. fritzthefox

    A Christmas video for you...

    Merry Christmas, everyone! My Christmas present to you is a brand new Fritz the Fox adventure. Happy landings! Furry Red Menace on Vimeo
  12. F-100A Super Sabre S/N 52-5777

    F-100A Super Sabre S/N 52-5777

    On display at the Hill Aerospace Museum in Ogden, Utah
  13. F-86 Sabre

    F-86 Sabre

    F-86 Sabre on display at the Castle Air Museum in Atwater, California, at the former Castle Air Force Base
  14. F-100 Super Sabre

    F-100 Super Sabre

    North American F-100 Super Sabre at the Castle Air Museum, Atwater, California
  15. al49

    Hispano 20 mm Cannon

    Hi everybody, this is my first post on this forum, so firstly I briefly introduce myself. I'm Italian and live in Milan. I’m sixty and I retired from business two years ago, so now I some time to dedicate to my hobbies. My interest is in history and WW2 aviation (mostly). My most recent...