Sabre F86-E Korea Academy 1:48

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Feb 2, 2009
Southern Germany
Well the smaller Scales aren't what my fingers and eyes really need. But nevertheless I'll give it a try.
The Sabre is my alltime favorite when it comes to jets especially the colorful korean fighters. Who deosen't know "The Huff, El Diablo, Little Rita, Mikes Bird, Wham Bam" and so on?
When starting this project there comes the first problem. There is no F86-E in 1:48 nor in 1:32. The best renderings are the old Monogram or the Esci releases. The first needs total rescribing the second isnt' up in contour and detail. So my choice is the Academy kit.

14 SABRE F86-E-01.jpg

The second headage are the slats of the ship.

14 SABRE F86-E-03.jpg

First I wanted to slater a Revell Sabredog but at the last second I discovered an Entex F86-D in my scrapbox. The Entex is a bad vintage kit but the slats of it are correct and it has seperate landing flaps which I always missed on the Academy and Hasegawa kits.

14 SABRE F86-E-02.jpg

I took the Entex wings and combined the lower half with the Academy middle part. This resulted in much puttying and sanding. The Entex wing has raised and false paneling so you have to sand in rescribe these Parts anyway. This is what it looks like.

14 SABRE F86-E-04.JPG

The upper part.

14 SABRE F86-E-05.JPG
Good stuff Michael, and it's many years since I saw an Entex kit. I made the mistake of getting their Phantom kit about 35 years ago !
The Academy kit is nice - I built the 'Mig Killer' boxing a few years ago, as a 'generic' Korean bird, although I think, but not sure, that one is slightly up-dated compared to the kit you're using.
Let's have a look on the Academy ship. There is an F fuselage without the correct opening just in front of the stabilator. This item is more correct for an E-version.

14 SABRE F86-E-06.JPG

A little drawing to show what I mean.

14 SABRE F86-E-07 - Kopie.jpg

Spine of E fuselage.

14 SABRE F86-E-08.jpg

Spine of F fuselage

14 SABRE F86-E-09.jpg

Starting to correct the kit.

14 SABRE F86-E-10.JPG
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The most critical moment was joining the modified wing with the fuselage. Well they went together better than thought.

14 SABRE F86-E-19.JPG

14 SABRE F86-E-20.JPG

a coat of primer revealed no bad flaws other than sanding a little here or there.

14 SABRE F86-E-21.JPG

14 SABRE F86-E-22.JPG

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