1/48 RCAF CL-13 - OOB (Out of Box) unofficial GB-2015.

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Nov 22, 2009
The Jungles of Canada
User Name: fubar57
Name: George
Category: Advanced
Kit: Revell Canadair CL-13 Sabre Mk.VI



Still in debations as to which aircraft I'll be representing.

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Thanks kindly gents. Just starting with the innards and some wheel well, dive brakes painting. I've seen some photos that show what looks to be U.S. paint and some that show a close match to British paint...


...the U.S. paint stocks were closer, but did the RCAF follow the RAF? The wheel well....yikes; all bronze green, bronze green well roof/aluminum sides, that elusive green chromate, and all aluminum. I'm using the RCAF Golden Hawks aircraft for some references but can only find partial shots of the wheel well showing aluminum sides. Regarding the above aircraft seat harnesses. Photos show the harnesses to be kind of olive drabby or light grey, like this...


...the Golden Hawks is blue like this...


...are the blue belts modern? Notice the wooden part of the seat which I will faithfully try to recreate :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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I cannot tell you anything Geo, other than provide you with some pictures I've saved of various Sabres. Unfortunately this won't help you for this Sabre, but maybe your next one, but there is a Sabre at the local museum that I can crawl around pretty well so I was planning on going down at some point (eventually) to take a bunch of photos of that one.

As you'll see for the brakes, there's even gray mixed in there, along with bronze green and interior green.






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Those are great Cory, bronze green it is, just cause. I noticed in the second to last photo in Post #8 both stenciled and unstenciled aircraft numbers. When you get around to doing yours I've got this book for all your markings needs, sadly, nothing on the innards...


Bronze green seems to be the most common, and unless you have a specific photo of the aircraft you're doing, nobody will know! Yeah, there does seem to be a mix. Unfortunately the decal sheet I have is all non-stencilled from what I can recall.

Never seen that book before, what exactly is it Geo?
Not cheap by any means. If you want anything, I can blast off the entire section to you. Meanwhile...getting ready to take some pics of the cockpit. I was cleaning up the control column and almost sanded off these little protrusions thinking they were flash(sorry for the crappy photo, it wanted to focus on my thumb or anything else in the frame, even in manual)...


...I checked my reference photo and I'm glad I did. Well done Hasegawa/Revell, bloody well done...


19 post later and finally, something to show. I might work on the seat back a little more...


...and the photo reveals the inevitable. I'm leaning to the non-blue seat harnesses. Just gonna go through my references to see if I can find a period photo of an RCAF seat.


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