1. Dronescapes

    Hawker Sea Fury F.10 MK X

    Hawker Sea Fury F.10 MK X
  2. M

    public WWII American airship ZSG-4 manuals

    WWII American ZSG-4 airship manual: https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZuNcBVZx0UTI9uAlTfxnjuMHgBVy7DhYhUX ZSG-4 airship Standard aircraft characteristics: https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZWNcBVZREjLhfP986b3wB4zuCa3pF9GEaM7 ZSG-4 CAPABLE 550HP ENGINE MANUAL: Public released T74...
  3. Dronescapes

    The Doolittle raid. A documentary

    A wonderful documentary about the Doolittle raid
  4. Dimlee

    Something in the nose?

    How do they say in French "too much nose armour"... :p Nice channel, by the way. Many interesting videos.
  5. N

    Propeller found in the Baltic Sea

    This propeller was found on the east coast of Bornholm, Denmark in the Baltic Sea after WWII. I am looking for information of what type of plane it comes from, and if so maybe more? It might come from af british og US plane, og even af German og russian plane - we don't know. Maybe one of you...
  6. WWII Interviews

    "Jolly Rogers" FG-1D Corsair start up, taxi, and take off on a beautiful grass runway.

    Please check out our YouTube channel for other WWII related content.
  7. Dimlee

    Black Cross Red Star Volume 5

    Christer Bergström has announced that his Black Cross Red Star Volume 5 has been printed out and he emailed the excerpts with his permission to share with everyone else. One of the pages has a table of LW losses in the period described in the book. The excerpts can be downloaded here (zip...
  8. Spitlead

    Looking for confirmation this is an AT-12 (2 seat version of the P-35)

  9. Reddington

    ID Aircraft Seat

    I bought this seat in the UK and was wondering what it could be from. It looks like a DeValland Rapide but it doesn't have arm rests.
  10. C-46 Commando - China Doll

    C-46 Commando - China Doll

    The Curtiss C-46 Commando
  11. JU52 'Auntie'.JPG

    JU52 'Auntie'.JPG

  12. American Beauty-P-51D_  375th Fighter Sqdn, 361st Fighter Grp, 8th USAAF.jpg

    American Beauty-P-51D_ 375th Fighter Sqdn, 361st Fighter Grp, 8th USAAF.jpg

    WWII North American P-51D Mustang
  13. GrumpyOldCrewChief

    Me-261 Engine Exhaust routing

    OK, folks, here comes a real esoteric request. I have been researching this question for a loooong time, and have not found a definitive answer. The The Me-261 was powered by the legendarily wretched (underdeveloped, arguably) DB paired motor units. On most of the aircraft that shared the use of...
  14. ODonovan

    Operation Clarion - New Zenos' Warbirds Video

    I think we may have someone on the forums here who participated in this. Hey Bill ( @billrunnels ), were you in on this one? -Irish
  15. A

    Help with propeller identification

    Hi Everyone - I'm new here so be gentle :) I recently came into possession of two wooden propellers with metal on the leading edges. They are 36" in length and 7" at the widest point. They have Hamilton stickers on them but there are no other markings that I can see. The only mark is a patent...
  16. W

    What happened to the B24 Liberator "The O-Bitch-U-Airy Mary"?

    My cousins grandfather flew aboard a ww2 american Consolidated B-24 Liberator bomber nicknamed "The O-Bitch-u-airy Mary". I recall that it was shot down over France and he survived but most of his crew, dear friends of his, did not. There was a photo hanging in his house of the plane and the...
  17. Giuseppe Torcasio: in uniform

    Giuseppe Torcasio: in uniform

    Giuseppe Torcasio Italian forces an officer candidate in uniform with the heavy artillery regiment insignia on his peaked visor cap, WWII North Africa
  18. N

    Fun WWII U.S. Navy Training Film - Gunnery

    It is listed as a gunnery film but there is a lot of footage of second line/obsolete aircraft being flown by the Navy in training missions. Thrown in are a Spitfire and a D.510. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4yVe2aVYfw
  19. B

    Cool Aircraft (not just military) Interwar-Modern

    New thread about aviation from interwar-modern day. Just a general discussion. anything relating to aircraft. Example: some of my favorite aircraft: Grumman F6F Hellcat Boeing B-52 Stratofortress McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II Republic-Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II General Atomics MQ-9...
  20. D

    Browning 50 cal M2's

    Can anyone help out with information on obtaining Browning 50Cal M2 BMG's? I work at EAA in Oshkosh rebuilding WWII warbirds. We are currently looking for around 12 Browning machine guns for our B25 & B17 bombers. If the guns are inert, that is ok as that is what we want. If there not, we'll...