1/48 Dragon Fw190D-9

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Aug 21, 2019
I finished this a few months ago, I started another in 2013 and it never got done, had too many issues which I have finally worked out. The biggest was a spreader bar for the fuselage to prevent a wing root gap, the other issue was the kits crap decals, the red and white fuselage band wrinkled on me and I did my best to straighten it out.
Fw190D9 1.jpg
Fw190D9 2.jpg
Fw190D9 3.jpg
Fw190D9 4.jpg
Fw190D9 5.jpg
Fw190D9 6.jpg
Nice job but re the decals, with knowing the kit to be 10 years old, did you treat the the decals with something like Microscale Liquid Decal Film, it gives an extra layer of film over the decal while applying them, also helps to stop breakup. :D
Thanks for the compliments and constructive criticisms. As for the "band" I believe Dragon has had more hits than say the Troggs? My techniques are still not up to date, a lot are what I learned at 10 years old in 1963 but I have improved greatly from a 1/4 inch wide brush and using Revell tube glue as filler to where I am today. I am currently starting a Revell "newer" mold Lancaster Mk I and it is moving along, I tried to muscle the wing dihedral but didn't get much, am replacing the wheels with resin ones and using Techmod 300 Sq decals. I still have zero interest in an airbrush, too many moving parts and things to go wrong, I live by the KISS rule.

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