1/48 Scale Junkers Ju87R-2 Stuka

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Vic Balshaw

Brigadier General
Jul 20, 2009
Kit: Airfix
Scale: 1/48
Accessories: By the bucket load, I like to have lots of options in my builds – Eduard EX589 Mask, FE894 PE Interior, FE895 PE Seatbelt. Master AM-48-055 MG 15. Quickboost QB48373 Magazine drums and QB48841 Engine exhaust. I'm also waiting on Eagle decals EAG48143 that have the "Snake".

My subject is Ju 87R-2 from 5./St.G 2 T6+AN (the "A" in red) in the Libyan Desert in May 1942. The aircraft has been the subject of a couple of forum discussions in August 2014 (JU-82B-2 SNAKE MARKING) (no, the JU-82B is not a misprint)) and again in September 2016 (JU-87 R-2 T6+AN).

The controversy over the snake livery is something I can grapple with later in the build. As far as the aircraft camouflage is concerned, I'm going to go with the theory that it was in full European dress and hastily overpainted in parts with a desert colour camo and that the colour used was leftover Italian Giallo Mimetico. I've found a nice little site that gives conversions of Italian colours into FS or Humbrol which suits me fine and with this I hope to get a realistic overpaint of Giallo Mimetico 1.

The Italian paint site who don't like you having an Add blocker. Mike Starmer's Regia Aeronautica Humbrol Paint Mixes - STORMO! Forums
So, to the kit which has a nice sharp look about it, though I have to say, Airfix may provide a nice shiny and sturdy box, but the packing is crap. All but the clear parts were stuffed into one large, roomy plastic bag and as a consequence, a couple of the more delicate parts got damaged.

Anyway, onto the kit with a few pics of what is involved with this build.
20220625 1.JPG

20220629 1.JPG

20220629 2.JPG

20220629 3.JPG

20220629 4.JPG

20220629 5.JPG

Did a little work on this today, sorting out for spraying in my usual methodical fashion.

First though a couple of pics showing some of the delicate damage from an over stuffed plastic bag.
A couple of the aileron hinges are out of true or bent back. Easy fixed particularly as I may well remove them and make my own'
20220629 6.JPG

20220629 7.JPG

Here we have the kit machine gun magazines and some replacement resin magazines. It was just a simple case of sawing of the kit ones and replacing them but ensure a better fit, I drilled some small holes and will insert rods so that I have a more secure and stronger fit. The second pic shows just a dry fit, the magazine drums will be given more detail later in the build.
20220708 1.JPG

20220708 2.JPG

20220708 3.JPG

Apologies for the poor quality pics, had to do the last three by lamp light. :D
Great start Vic. I'm watching this one closely as I have the Italeri "Picchiatello" kit which includes the Snake Marking decal option, although I am not sure how accurate the representation is...
Some of the add-ons you have are making my fingers itch - just need to see how some additions of my own can be sourced without incurring the wrath of SWMBO :evil4::facepalm:
Sounds like an interesting project, Vic.
I'm glad to see you in action. :salute:

Just like you, I am a lover of details, so I will really enjoy learning from your thread.
For sure I will have a Stuka in my future projects.

A big hug amigo

Luis Carlos :thumbup:
Than you folks, much appreciated. I'm planning on showing the engine which in the kit has all the basics but will need some detailing to bring it up to scratch, but more on that later. For the moment I'm just identifying and cleaning parts ready for a spot of paintwork. :D
Pushed ahead with this nicely today. As said above, I want to display the engine but still want to have some of the panels attached the the air frame, particularly the cowling around the air cooler intake. The kit does not provide for this aspect so, its to the butchers cleaver for a spot of surgery.

These are all the parts around the engine.
20220712 1.JPG

The red arrows indicate panel lines where I will cut through the plastic and the blue arrow is where the exhaust would fit, so this has to be opened as well.
20220712 2.JPG

Next are the louvers behind the air cooler intake, I want these open and in my enthusiasm, I'd already chopped these out, so what you see is the kit part provided for open louvers that I'm not using.
20220712 3.JPG

In order to make this modification as realistic as possible I want the rear of the air cooler intake as accurate as possible. This part (red arrows), in order to make it fit within the cowling needs quite a bit of adjustment, but I can't attempt this until the air cooler intake is assembled.
20220712 4.JPG

All the parts from the surgery ready for action.
20220712 5.JPG

I noticed these little dimple impressions (blue arrows) and believe they would be simple air-intakes of some kind and need opening up, would this be the case. The red arrow folks is to show where I have placed a little bit of mesh over the grill. I had to do it in situ as the part (that was mesh free, it was not even mouled) when test fitted was locked in place, I just could not get it out.
20220712 6.JPG

Another look at that little bit of mesh, just in case your not believing the last pic.
20220712 7.JPG

Well enough from me today folks, hope you're all having a good one or hoping for a good one. :D
Good stuff Vic. The cooling flaps have long actuators that will be visible if you open them up. Not sure how much detail you'll be adding but I can post some info when I'm home.

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