1:72 Matchbox Lysander full restoration try

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hal bregg

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Oct 13, 2013
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I made a Matchbox kit. Some time has passed and now it's just one of the last remnants of the old shelf, in fact ready to be thrown away. Because of the sentiment for the Matchbox models, I decided to renew it. Will it work or not, we'll see.

The patient:


If the WD40 does not work to dissolve the paint, try isopropyl alcohol. I used to use it to dissolve oil and water based paints and it did not damage the plastic - although it did dry out the plastics to a certain extent. One of the nice things about it is that you can simply fill a container with the isopropyl alcohol and drop the parts in. Take the parts out once in a while and rub on the paint to see if it will come off.
Step 2

Thanks for advices, but The Plan is more perfidious...

WD 40 only softened the paint and decals (if at all), but helped with model defragmentation.

I'm going to use the household pipe unclogger containing NaOH base.

If it is an enamel paint, try soaking in hydraulic fluid. This usually works and the sodium hydroxide could be a little to aggressive. :D
Yes, enamel. Old Humbrol authentic colours with small squares on the can (those were great paints...). Easy to paint by brush even for beginners. Their quality dropped in the early 1990s due to the ban on lead I think.
Did the unclogger also help separate the parts or did you do something else to get it down to individual parts. Looking good so far. I have a model Stranraer that I did a bit of painting and assembly a while back that I want to redo. Used Testor enamels on it.

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