1:72 Matchbox Lysander full restoration try

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Thanks for your attention, and comments, I'm starting to have a stage fright now...
Inside reflectors seems too small, but overall it perhaps worked.

I saw a tv show on a PBS station a while ago about some folks restoring a Lysander up in Canada. The landing lights caught my eye. Your build certainly captured the look.

Time for some paintwork to be done.

I think LX-U R2007 will be choosen:

Another picture:

Some detective work needs to be done:
I suppose this will be Dark Green/Dark Earth/Sky scheme.
Code letters in Medium Sea Gray?, Sky (Duck Egg Green)?, or maybe color described as Sky Blue (Duck Egg Blue)?
I wonder what could be the color of light patches on wheel cowlings in first picture. They are absent in second photo (assuming, that it's also a R2007).
Thx. If yellow- than they may be gas markers?. But two?- usually there was one.

An interesting idea. Not usually but quite likely. The patches had to be very clearly visible from the cockpit by the pilot. However if the marking would be the gas indicator these were applied for all Lysanders there. But not all of them had the markings. Also it would be on one side only IMHO. It should be kept in mind that there were also guns and the landing lights mounted. These with the guns seemed to have the covering red fabric patches for protection there as well. I believe that's the foot step marking to indicate/warn about the slot for the gun barrel.




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