1:72 Matchbox Lysander full restoration try

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It's very interesting with WD 40. I've never tried it. I have been using NaOH for over 40 years with very good results. Just remember that during dissolution in water, an exothermic reaction takes place where a large amount of heat is released!!!! Another substitute method, although not as effective, is to use the Mr. Muscle product to clean the microwave. Gas mask NECESSARY


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The Lysander torture continues...
The landing lights in this plane are important for the view. Painting them seems unsatisfactory,
so I filled inner-front sides of wheel housings by epoxy resin, then drilled holes.


3mm LED's fitted inside


and covered by epoxy


After removing the bulges and polishing, we'll see what it does..
Epoxy/patient must rest now....
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I must say that I have been thoroughly enjoying this Lysander rescue/restoration. Like so many others, I built this kit a half-lifetime ago. You are doing a sensational job so far - I'm really keen to see just how this one turns out. Keep up the good work! :thumbright:

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