1:72 Special Hobby Blohm Voss BV 155B V-1

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Ralph Haus

Staff Sergeant
Jul 24, 2016
Leander Texas
Done as I will do it! Although after looking at the photos I believe that the 'mottles' on the side may be a bit small? I can still go back over as a touch up, spraying another bit of finish on top of those. But GB57 beckons!

Issues: The landing gear was a real PITA. Can't pin much on my build skills, although they do lack, but the combination of the material and its reaction to the glue that I was using (would not soften and allow tack fitting), that and the really poor design on the parts assembly details. But they are holding it up!

Photos are not quite up to par; I did not drag out the loght box, and had a devil of a time with correcting white balance. Just have to live with it.

Port and starboard straight on (well kind of).
BV 155V-1 Port.jpg
BV 155V-1 Starboard.jpg

A tops down compare of its size to a 190
BV 155V-1 Bf 190 compareTop.jpg

And some standard views:
BV 155V-1 Port Rear.jpg
BV 155V-1 Starboard Rear..jpg
BV 155V-1 Starboard Front.jpg
BV 155V-1 Port Front.jpg
BV 155V-1 Rear.jpg
BV 155V-1 Front2.jpg
BV 155V-1 FrontTop.jpg
BV 155V-1 Top.jpg

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