1:72 Special Hobby Blohm Voss BV 155B V-1

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Ralph Haus

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Jul 24, 2016
Leander Texas
Going stir crazy waiting for GB57 to start. Have not cut a spru or glued for more than a week.

I have had this kit, Special Hobby - BV 155B V-1, on the shelf for more than a year. The 155, as far as I can determine, never saw action. So it would probably never be eligible for a GB, so I decided to do 'something'

Actually a three fold reason for building.

1) to have something to do for the next 5 days!!!

2) Never having built a Special Hobby kit, I thought I should have a go at this one before I buy any other SH kits (I'm tempted to order some unique ones that I have been seeing lately).

3) And finally, to 'test' my eyesight for close up work(GB57!!). I did have cataracts removed from both eyes, having 'adaptive' lenses installed. The right eye is like I'm 20 years old again - 20/20; near and far. The left, well they installed an incorrect lens and decided to do LASIX to correct. While doing this, somehow an incorrect setting was made into the computer and a astigmatism was introduced; now I see very little clearly with that eye. I'm told that there has been no permanent damage done to the eye, just need to do a little tweaking with LASIK again, in two months. We'll 'see', pun intended.

The last image is kind if interesting. The 155B compared to its little brother, a Bf 109.

As for the kit and my first impressions. Not impressed. No locator pins/holes. Not a big deal but would help especially since the matching parts are not very accurate. I probably will assemble (glue) the components in the 'taped' assembled mode (see third photo). To many chances of having to add a bunch of filler to missed matches on the seams. The spru attach points are crude and difficult to clean up. Flashing, other than some edge roughness, is tolerable. Gluing (I have tried some small areas) is not as I expected. At least with Tamiya liquid, the material does not seam to want to soften easily. Makes tacking difficult.

One plus, given I expect many gaps to be filled, I will have a chance to try super glue as a filler.

Not sure if and when I'll be doing the 'FINISH' part of this thread, but who knows it may wind up as a 'zombie' candidate for a future GB?

Box Art BV 155B V-1.jpg
Instructions BV 155B V-1.jpg
1st stage BV 155B V-1.jpg
109 compare BV 155B V-1.jpg

109 compare top BV 155B V-1.jpg
Interesting aircraft Ralph - looking forward to seeing how it turns out. On the subject of SH kits, they do make some really interesting subjects but I've found that their older kits do tend to need a bit more work at the construction phase. With a bit of care and attention to fit they turn out really well though! :thumbright:
Parts fitted, and puttied up, as best as the kit will allow. At least at my skill level anyway. Primer on, belly blue tomorrow. May wait to spray the top camo colors when I'm doing my GB57 109? All the wheels and such are painted and glued into sub-assemblies just waiting for the paint to dry.

primer top BV 155B V-1.jpg

primer bottom BV 155B V-1.jpg
Decided to do the painting, mainly due to the RLM colors being completely different than what will be on the Bf 109 GB 57 build. First top layer, RLM 81. So much for conservation of energy (cleaning the airbrush). The 'paint-mule' got a fresh coat as well while I was at it.

1st coat RLM 71BV 155B V-1.jpg

Also, for anyone interested, I found a document that goes into great detail on the construction of these BV 155s. It is in German - Bilderliste BV 155 1944. Attached PDF file. May already be buried somewhere in the archives so forgive the duplication if so.


  • Bilderliste BV 155 1944.pdf
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RLM 71. Interesting. I don't know I there's documentary evidence of that but 70/71 were bomber colors.
RLM 71. Interesting. I don't know I there's documentary evidence of that but 70/71 were bomber colors.
Oh wow! Senior moments galore. Should have stated RLM 81 (RLM 82 and RLM 76 being the others with the prop assy RLM 70). I will edit the post to be sure it will not be a confusion in the future.
Major colors on. Next step some mottling. Always funo_O

port view BV 155B V-1.jpg

Then the finishing touch ups of the exhaust. Left the masking tape pile in the photo to illustrate the amounts I used. Must be a complete roll?? That and the paint mule that will be the guinea pig for mottling practice!! Pretty dramatic, the contrast of the RLM 76 to the other colors. Not sure I'm pleased with that??

2nd coat port BV 155B V-1.jpg

2nd coat starboard BV 155B V-1.jpg

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