2007 NFL Fantasy Football

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Nov 8, 2004
Hi everyone. I am a big Football fan and play Fantasy football every year. I have a serious no hold bar league that I play with my friends every year for cash prizes and everything but I figured that I would start friendly league just for members of our forum.

This is a free league and does not cost money. The league needs 12 participants of which I am one of them so therefore we need 11 more players.

The league is run through NFL.com and they pretty much run the show so all you have to do is keep track of your players and have fun. The draft will be an automated draft since we all live in different time zones which would make it hard to do a live draft. All you have to do is rank the players in the league based on your prefference for who you want and NFL.com does the rest.

Again it is free.

This would be a fun way to get bragging rights and talk **** to one another and just have a good time.

I really hope that eneogh people will be interested.

If you are interested please send me a pm with your email and I will send you the invite to the league that I started allready.
Well guys I am sorry but I could not get eneogh people to start the league. There is still a bit of time if 4 more people care to join then I can do it.

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