24 Hours of Le Mans 100th anniversary.

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I also heard that from Michelin that their tires this year were made from 30+ percent sustainable materials, and the ACO's hydrogen powered car has 60+ percent of such materials in its tires.

Also for classic car fans, in about two weeks time (June 29th to July 3rd) is the Le Mans Classic.
Although I'm English I enjoy NASCAR and have been following their progress from the announcement of their proposed entry. I think they surprised a lot of people with their pace and of course finished also.
I was impressed that it was significantly faster than the GT cars, and probably would've finished ahead of a good deal of them if not for gearbox problems. Also pretty happy with how the race overall played out.
Fairytale ending for Inter Europol. Having watched them come up through LMP3, then ELMS LMP3 and LMP2 and finally in the WEC, it's been a long road for a small and well-liked team.
Finally Inter Europol can breathe a sigh of relief. I did get the wink from an insider a few weeks ago but it's great to see it made official. Cream-filled Polski pierogis all round then!!!

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