A6M2 in 1/32 scale

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Oct 18, 2006
Okay, this will at least give you all some humor and certainly make you feel better about your own models. I started building models again after 35 years away from the craft as a way to relieve stress. My eyes are not what they used to be and my hands aren't so steady either, and there are some tiny pieces, if dropped on the carpet, I just write off because I will not find them again. Anyway, this is the start of Tamiya's A6M2 in 1/32 scale. I built their A6M5 in 2003, and it is even worse than this, but I like the Zero...In this instance, and for the first time, I airbrushed the cockpit and used an aftermarket photoetch pack from Eduard. I know that's cheating, but it was a trade-off for my eyes. So, here is the cockpit, which is as far as I have gotten in six weeks...I would so love to fly the real thing!!!!


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    cockpit 1.JPG
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Hi Twoeagles !!
Nice to raed that you have come back to the hobby.It doesn't matter how many years you are old and if your sight or hands aren't what they used to be.The cockpit looks really good and I cannot wait to see the footage about your assembling.I'll be waiting for the next pics.

BTW. Don't worry ,I have the same problems with my sight and hands.
Exceptionaly high detail, even if you say your eye sight isn't what it used to be... Waiting for further details... :D

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