Americans and the German Jets

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Mar 12, 2004
This has been mentioned in other forums Ive noticed, some people think that even if the Americans were not involved in the war we still would have won it just would have taken abit longer.

These are mostly the same people that believe that one of the main factors we won was due to our more supierer aircraft.

But if the war had gone on longer then the Germans would have more than likely started using their jet aircrafts thus making their airforce far more supierer?
True, but in logistical and industrial terms the combined weight of the British Empire and the USSR would still have crushed the Germans and Japanese eventually. Also, am I not right in saying that had the US not entered the war, all those European scientists who fled Germany and petitioned Roosevelt to start a nuclear program would have come to either Britain or Russia instead? The big differences post-war as a result of an American-free WWII would be an Iron Curtain which covered the whole of Europe save perhaps Britain and maybe France, and the USSR being the only hyperpower in existence. The British Empire may have lasted a little longer, and it would have been a far more equally-balanced team of USA+UK Vs. USSR, assuming the Cold War occurred at all without Truman's meddlings... Today - I'd have though we'd be in more or less the same position, but with the whole of Europe ravaged by Communism only Britain and America would be superpowers, possibly even opposing ones...
in the cold war most people didn't realise this but we (the brits) would have been the first target for the USSR, not the USA...................

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