Among the best WWII submarine movies EVER

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Generalfeldmarschall zur Luftschiff Abteilung
My favorite sub movie is the old classic "Run Silent, Run Deep", though "Das Boot" runs a close second.

She was a 58 Plymouth.
Christine in the movie was mostly portrayed by '58 Belvederes and Savoys.

By the way, I'm seen here, posing with the Christine that was "killed" by the caterpillar at the end of the movie:

T Bolt

Mar 24, 2010
Chicago, Illinois
The Enemy Below is one of my favorite WWII movies I cant even begin to guess how many times I've watched it. Stayed up late every time it was on the WGN 10:30 movie, then recorded it when I bought my first VCR and now have it on DVD. It must be 30-40 times I've seen it.
Be sure to look out for Doug McClure as Ensign Merry. He's so young I didn't recognize him for years of watching that movie.

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