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ah yes i've already read about this design (well it was british) and she would have been more than capable of talking on germany bombers with her 12x.303, allowed due to fixed undercarriage, but as that site says, a bit late for the BoB for which she was really designed............
Fascinating that

This all-wood 12 gun fighter compared favourably with the contemporary Spitfires and Hurricanes, coming between them in the speed scale,

When it had a fixed undercarriage.

Technical Data

Miles M 20

Fighter interceptor, United Kingdom, 1940

Sizes and weights

Total Length : 30.085 ft 9.170 m

Greatest height : 12.500 ft 3.810 m

Wingspan : 34.580 ft 10.540 m

Wing area : 234.009 sqft 21.740 qm

Max take off weight : 7759.4 lbs 3519.0 kg

Weight empty : 5871.9 lbs 2663.0 kg

Performance data

Max. speed : 304 kts 563 km/h

Service ceiling : 31398 ft 9570 m

Wing load : 33.21 lbs/ft2 162.00 kg/qm

Range : 756 nm 1400 km


Kind : KVau

Type : Rolls Royce Merlin XX

Power rating (max.) : 1282 hp 1300 ps

Total power rating (max.) : 1282 hp 1300 ps


Crew : 1 1

Armament : 12* cal.303 MG


Neat airplane, read about it before, one of those "What If." It reminds me of the Bell XP-77


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I know it was! :lol: It was more a figure of speech, as in one to put down the XP-77 and boost up the S.A.I 403, if you get what I mean? :rolleyes:

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