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Some instant is pretty good. My younger sister really likes Folgers brand.
The only way I found to make instant palatable was to put it in a pan and bring it to a boil first, which sort of defeats the idea of "instant." I do remember what I believe was a British brand called "Michael's," or something like that, which was pretty good instant. I was exposed to it while in Fiji in the sixties. Haven't seen it since, though.
When in Bulgaria, all you have to do, is ask for "American Coffee" at any cafe or coffee bar and you'll be served a mug of strong, plain black coffee.
Not sure where they get their coffee from, but it was always delicious no matter where I was.

Thats all over Europe. In Germany its the same, at least where I am from.
Here in the UK we can get Camp Coffee
Camp Coffee.jpg
Chicory was added to the grinder about 100 years ago in New Orleans due to coffee shortage. Many old timers like it, but fortunately in restaurants, you must ask or be offered it. The best cajin coffee (non chicory) I ever drank was while waiting to service equipment in the Terrebonne Sherriff's office in Houma. It was the special stuff brewed in the radio room. In south Louisiana, if you are offered coffee in a small cup the size of kid's dishes, you should find it very, very strong and thick, with an excellent taste. A small cup of it will keep one awake and alert all day.

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