Anglo-Argentine pilots in action ¡¡¡

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Jan 11, 2005
Cordoba - Argentina
Some history and images from the near 500 voluntary British breed argentine born pilots in the RAF.

July 4, 1944. The Argentine volunteer pilot Kent Charney shoot down his
first german airplane flying its Spitfite IXB (LO-B) escort by the Ace Pierre
Clostermann (LO-D) over the Normandie skies.


All pictures used with the knowledge of his autor Carlos Garcia.
Burma 1944. Two Hurricane Mk IIC attacks over the Ukhrul river a bridge used by Japanese's forces. The leadership was the Argentinean pilot "Dick" Lindsell DFC, 60 Squadron Commander. The plane name was "Suertudo" and the other side of the nose had painted an Argentinean comic named Patoruzú. Tail number MU-L (LE 264).

Smile, Adolph!. The paint show the Spitfire PR XIX over Germany skies flown by the argentine volunteer in the RAF, Stuart Haslam.


Netherlands Channel Hansweert under attack
The argentine F/O Ronnie Sheward launch its rockets against the channel's
flood gate in September 3, 1943 flying his Hurricane IV FJ-B (kx540).


Hurricane, 164 Sdrn "Firmes Volamos"

Well, he'd be a bit silly for trying to stop you from advertising his paintings. They are quite remarkable, I must say. I love all of them.

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