Another trip to Arnhem

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Here's a couple of screenshots from the documentary "Revisiting the scenes of 'There's is the Glory'".
The first pic shows the Tiger II as it appeared in the movie. It was present in more than one scene, from different angles.
The second, rather grainy shot, is from an amateur movie made during the preparations for filming of the movie and shows a Panther Ausf.D being towed along Weverstraat, the towing vehicle, out of shot here, being a Diamond T recovery truck.

Arnhem tank 1.jpg
Arnhem tank 2.jpg
More information about the tank, who killed it, what happened to it etc. De Königstiger uit de Wevertraat in Oosterbeek

It migh even be it survived and is being restored Zwitsers museum restaureert Duitse Königstiger die mogelijk werd ingezet bij Slag om Arnhem

So according to the Dutch forum, the turret was turned for the movie. Originally it pointed to the right to the house, like you see in my composition. Later it pointed to the left like in the other images.

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