Any buyers of Sony Music CDs should read this...

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I have been watching that closely. Unethical business and dangerous for security and privacy. Sony has been so bad with this one. Not only have the installed software on someone's PC without their knowledge or approval, but they have failed to provide a full removal tool. The software that they install is a huge security hole and their fix makes it even worse.

They have lost my business for good.
I think theres a class action lawsuit in the works over this. Everyone should join in on it. Make a few dollars.

maybe file your own lawsuit saying a hacker wrecked your PC
Good update syscom. To be honest, I find this criminal. The ethics question alone is bad enough, but now it has effected the DoD and DHS. Surely other country's governments and departments have been effected as well. Unbelievable.
I dont think Sony thought through what they were doing.

Just like that guy at MIT in the 90's that unleashed the first internet worm as a "lab exersize"

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