Argentine Navy and Army Images:

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Jan 11, 2005
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I dont have the intention to start a new thread with this particular subject, but I have do so to no derail another topics.

Anyway let start with the pics.

Here some images of combines exercises between the US and argentine Navy.

U.S deckcrew giving landing instruction to a Argentine Navy SH-3.



Dassault Super Etendar 3-A-211 making "touch and go" in thn CVN-76.


Also the SUE 3-A-213 had the chance of check the brand new deck of the Ronald Reagan.


S-2T ( Grumman Tracker completelely refurbished by IAI industries)


The five blade turboprops send it to the sky again.

Very cool - like the turbo tracker. A company called Enheat from Halifax (NS home town) was attempting to do a similar mod for the CAF - don't know how successful they were.
I glad you like it boys.

Here some more:

Close up of the S-2T serial 2-AS-21


Eurocopter AS555SN Fennec serial 3-H-134


P-3C Orion overflying a fishing boat.


Fokker F-28 Mk.3000C "Fellowship" serial 5-T-20

Excellent pics, Charles. Very cool indeed. :cool:

Very cool - like the turbo tracker. A company called Enheat from Halifax (NS home town) was attempting to do a similar mod for the CAF - don't know how successful they were.
The upgrade itself was probably successful enough, but as far as I can remember the Trackers were retired still fitted with the old piston engines. :-k
The argentine Trackers were intensively rebuild in the IAI factory Israel, with new wing, engines, radar, sonar and computer sistem, almost emerged like new planes.


Some pics of a nasty incident wich hapen in december 2004:

Argentine warship fires on Brazil ship, wounding 5 in war games accident

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) - An Argentine warship mistakenly fired on a Brazilian frigate during joint naval exercises in the Atlantic Ocean, injuring five people, officials said Tuesday.

Four Brazilian sailors and an Argentine officer were hurt during live-fire training late Monday night off the coast of Brazil near Cabo Frio, 80 miles northeast of Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian Navy said in a statement. The accident happened when an Argentine warship fired a shot from one its canons, hitting the Brazilian frigate Rademaker.

The five men were taken to a naval hospital in Rio de Janeiro for treatment. Three sailors were released, while two others remain hospitalized in stable condition. None of the injuries was considered serious, the navy said.

The Rademaker sailed to Rio's port under its own power. No damage to the ship was visible in aerial images showed by Brazilian media outlets.

The accident is under investigation, the navy said. The statement gave no other details about the accident.

Brazil and Argentina are involved in joint naval exercises, dubbed Operation Fraterno, off the southern coast of Brazil. Both countries stage regular naval exercises as part of mutual military cooperation agreements.

The argentine ship was the ARA Sarandi D-13, (MEKO 360) it was performing some night shooting with the double 40 mm fast fire Bofors guns, for some unknown reason the brasilian F-49 Rademaker ( former HMS Battleaxe) crossed his line of fire and the gun control locked on it.

As result the carioca ship was blasted by the 40mm gunfire, luckily enough nobody was seriusly hurt.





Doesn't look nice does it? They practically disabled the ship. The guidance radar (for SeaWolf) seems to be completely wasted, so is the SeaWolf launcher...

It seems that the german and british ships still dont get alone. :rolleyes:
thankfully no one was seriously injured or killed.

Awesome Luck. :oops:

Here is the argentine ship involved laid down in the Blomh Voss shipyard in late 1984, by the way MEKO means Modular Entwicklung Konstruction = Modular replacement contruction.

Pictures of combined exercises with Brasil, in more friendly terms than the last one.

Brazilian carrier A-12 Sao Paulo , with Argentine and Brasilian planes onboard.






24EA3H.jpg the air, check the thick steel wire that is released, caracteristic of the french catapult sistem.


Argentine supply ship ARA Patagonia refueling the Carrier, since both ships are french designs the interoperability is total.



Brazilian A-4KU.




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