Army charges 3 GIs with murder in Iraq

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Not necessarily. Again, these are things the press are reporting. My cousin was put on trial for murder after the invasion of Panama. I am thankful that the press didn't go apeshit with it. He was acquited, by the way. The problem here is that an allegation has been made, and we don't have all the facts.

My cousin's case involved a man running toward their position, which was a defensive position. He did not appear to be armed, but did not acknowledge or obey an order to stop, in English AND Spanish ( or portugese, I don't remember). He was ordered three times, including a warning that he would be shot. He didn't and was shot and killed. Sounds pretty cut and dry, right? Well, apparently not, as he was put on trial for murder from that incident. So be careful what you read in the press about allegations.
this is so ludicrous, no-one except some small stuff from Fox has made mention of the two guys getting butchered and we are at war with the enmey and one guy gets rifled are we warped or what paying attention tho this with the media. War is hell and civilians get killed in every stinkin conflict known to man.

lets get on with it and smoke these cretins and get our butts home
sadly true bro. and my lovely wife wonders why I don't even bother watching fox either

when I was in Israel in the 1980's I was told then that ALL media "makes" news, not report it and it is so true even today .......... bllllllllllllllllllllltttttttttttt ! that's all
I hate seeing this type of thing also. Like I said on another thread these types are not increasing just the damn media airing it every 30 mins of CNN, etc. It makes people think that this type of thing is common place. Its very unfair of the media. Like Dan said they do it to sell papers, air time and make money. Sick

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