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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
Was browsing the internet earlier and came across so info on this supposed top secret ultrasonic stealth plane SR-71 replacement. Have read a fair bit of information about this but wondered if anyone else could shed some light on it? Should make for interesting discussion.


Just found this pic but the site is in foreign so I can understand the story behind it


CGI of what it could look like


(This picture is a fake based on a supposed sighting)
There's been a lot of talk about this where I used to live. When the -117 and B-2 were being developed Lockheed, Northrop and I am told General Dynamics (before Lockheed bought them) all experimented with proof of concept aircraft. We know about "Have Blue" and the Northrop "Flying Bath Tub" but never heard anything else. Additionally the same thing was done by Grumman on the ill fated A-12.

If the grainy photos are real, I suspect that's what they are.


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Yeah I read that too, its probably true.

I read somewhere though that a plane flew over San Francisco in 1989 with such a loud supersonic boom that it set off the San Andreas fault :shock: :lol:

Ive read lots of convincing contradicting theories on this, I dont really know what to believe!
I lived in the area (about 50 miles from Edwards AFB) and even worked on the -117 (I could tell you that now without having to kill you) and for the most part I think its bull! At best the US military might of been testing a pilotless vehicle or it might of even been an SR-71 (they were still flying at the time) doing some classified missions. When I lived there I heard and saw lots of weird stuff, but for the most part it could eventually be explained.
There was something flying that was setting off seismic sensors, but not setting off earthquakes. The reason they knew it was a sonic boom was because of the waves and the fact that it happened at a recurring interval, so it became predictable.
There were also mixed reports on how fast it was moving. I heard mach 6, others told me mach 3.2. Others told me that the seismic sensors were just picking up sonic booms. It could of been anything!
In the areas where these readings were taken there are many Low Level Training Routes used by the military. it could of been F-18s or F-16s setting them off!
That is where a lot of the whakos go and come up with the UFO stories. They are actually seeing Military projects. We may never know what they actually have developed in there.

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