Aviation Cultures On-line Webinar 25-28/March/2021

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Feb 27, 2014
OK, a little advertising on an upcoming Aviation Culture Conference between 25-28 March, 2021.
There will be relevant RAAF Centenary and Pacific War coverage; but also articles and discussions on supersonic air transports, WW2 Tempest archiology (Hawker Tempest that is), and much more.

This year it will be a webinar, so more easily available to interested overseas attendees.

Major themes include "Diversity"; and from an Australian aviation viewpoint, a prime example is the CAC Boomerang.

A “Made-In-Australia” Interceptor, an Indigenous name, based on an American trainer-aircraft, designed by a Austrian-Jew refugee, and flown into battle by an Australian-born Chinese RAAF pilot, in defence of Western Australian skies – this is the Boomerang fighter, a tale in multicultural diversity in 1941-42.
(This is an extract from an earlier version of the article that I will be presenting.)

This link is to the Aviation Cultures Mk.V facebook page short videos. Lots of Boomerang and Beaufort teasers; and lots of other subjects for non-Boomer and Beaufort fans too.


Enjoy the videos, and maybe, see you online.

For those of you who are interested in the conference....
- overview schedule of the webinar has been posted;
- ticket office is now open.

The full schedule (with the list of papers to be discussed) is now also available to be downloaded as a pdf file from the Aviation Cultures webpage. Be mindful that there are still some tweaks and changes to the timing of some article-presentations.
Just click on the blue "now available" link on the webpage.

...geoff wong

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