B-17g help

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Oct 13, 2006
san antonio texas
ok, so i'm going to start a rather ambitious project. a scratchbuilt 1/18 or maybe 1/6 scale B-17g static model! i have some drawings to work from but not much in the way of construction plans. if you have any thoughts or ideas please let me know............
i've spent most of the day looking for resources on the b-17 but have'nt found alot of good interior stuff yet. i might have bitten off more than i can chew, but can't quit now it's trapped in my head :idea: :?:
I think your best bet is to catch up to one of the B-17s on display and get an interior tour and take a lot of pictures. A friend of mine did that with an F-4 he built.

Good luck!

An excellent publication showing the interior of the B17 and other details is obtainable from Key Publishing Ltd., PO Box 100, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 1XQ or tel:+44(0)1780 755131 Fax+44(0)1780 757261 or web site Key Publishing LTD Aviation magazines..
The book is called The FlyPast Book of the B-17 Flying Fortress by Robert J Rudhall.
Hope this will help in some way. Good luck with your project.

thank you everyone for your help

One thing to note, and it's really a pain in that scale, and really visable--no kit that I've seen since the days of the Airfix Revel gets this right, and they have other problems--the damn thing is covered with a ton of very visible,'proud' rivets! Some, under the wing where there was an attachment point for either external bombs or drop tanks, were HUGE...we're talking 12 dollar size, or more, folks, literally.

Also, the skin wasn't butt-joined together, it was lapped, with the pattern being that the outer sheet was above and to the front--so that water from falling rain wouldn't have an easy access, I'd guess.

Oh, and the framing on the nose=piece is clear on teh G, something I didn't know until I ran into one....



And I mean, tons!

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