Best Bomber of WW2 -- #3

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Nov 8, 2004
I agree you have to have a high regard of respect for the Bomber crews. They new what they were flying into.

As for the medium bomber I would go with the B-26 also.
I would prefer the Dornier 217 over the B26

Its a lot faster with a larger bombload and about the same range. It was also manouverable enough to be used as a nightfighter and flexible enough to carry guided bombs which were used effectively in combat.

Another of my personal underrated bombers of WW2
The Welly was outdated as well... No. 311 Czechoslovak RAF Sqdn flew them, was very succesful but also had huge losses... slow, bad armour... In 1943 they were re-equipped with Liberators GR Mk.V.

Medium range... could Me 410 fall in there?

And what about Me 262? :lol: :lol: :lol:
I will agree with you on the 410 but I can not agree with the 262.

The 262 had too many problems especially with its engines. It was best suited to intercept bombers. It also could not carry a big eneogh bomb load.

The 410 had great promise but it was too late and not built eneogh.
DerAdlerIstGelandet said:
but I can not agree with the 262

It was a joke concerning Hitler's order to use Me 262 primarily as a bomber. I thought you knew it...

Well, He 111 was a bit "sitting duck" even it had very good armouring, it was totally outdated after the BoB...
Exactly had she been developed earlier and put into use in large numbers I think she would have done well.
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